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Zulu DJ Software Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About Zulu DJ Software".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 3 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

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Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 3.60

Windows Release
  • Load libraries in one progress dialog
  • Silence detection
  • Add Zulu to the autorun list of applications associated with Audio CDs
  • Uploaded 2015-09-24

Version 3.54

Windows Release
  • In Options->Hotkeys, assign all "Set Cue #n" to Alt+n keys for deck B and just number key for deckA
  • Microphone Feature
  • Edit BPM - implement shrink/stretch ruler which adjusts bpm with high accuracy
  • Video Playback window - add Zulu logo to the player window when it is not playing, so it will be advertised to people on a party
  • Improve Edit Bpm - see comments *Video attached*
  • new looping and cueing system
  • Caching in background.
  • While playing, turn off scratching
  • Allow the additional decks(C-F) to play only to headphones.
  • Uploaded 2015-08-27

Version 3.53

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-07-14

Version 3.52

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-05-23

Version 3.51

Windows Release
  • Export/Import current list of deck effects when closing/re-opening Zulu
  • Uploaded 2015-05-16

Version 3.50

Android Release
  • Add skip loaded track option to deck for Autoplay
  • Uploaded 2015-04-29

Version 3.44

Mac OS X Release
  • Change library/caching system
  • Get m4a metadata without fully decoding
  • Uploaded 2015-02-10

Version 3.43

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-01-21

Version 3.42

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2015-01-15

Version 3.41

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-01-10

Version 3.40

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-01-07

Version 3.38

Android Release
  • Move Crossfader Slider smoothly when apply Auto Fade option.
  • Switch off Zulu CPU warning
  • Uploaded 2014-12-24

Version 3.37

Android Release
  • Uploaded 2014-12-12

Version 3.36

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2014-10-28

Version 3.35

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2014-09-30

Version 3.34

Windows Release
  • Create a Suggestion for the product to add a new test plan to detect the bug "If swap dekcs, its track time keeps unswapped.".
  • Uploaded 2014-09-18

Version 3.33

Windows Release
  • Optimise Zulu engine
  • Create a Suggestion for the product to add a new test plan to detect the bug "Options-> Controller - "Cue Play" - does not work".
  • Uploaded 2014-09-11

Version 3.32

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-08-13

Version 3.31

Windows Release
  • Provide an easier way for the user to adjust the calculated beat offset
  • Uploaded 2014-06-21

Version 3.30

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2014-05-29

Version 3.28

Mac OS X Release
  • Add infobar prompts based on usage
  • Snap to beat behaviour is very inconsistent
  • Synced deck should stay synced
  • Uploaded 2014-05-04

Version 3.27

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-03-05

Version 3.26

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-02-27

Version 3.24

Android Release
  • Uploaded 2014-02-20

Version 3.22

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-02-15

Version 3.21

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2013-12-17

Version 3.20

Android Release
  • Implement sync display
  • Add some helpful text to the track list for first time users
  • Some subtle colours
  • Don't hide the cue buttons
  • while selecting files to add, tap on a flie does not mark it to add. Tap exactly on checkbox required
  • Auto-volume normalization
  • Scratching by MIDI Device is very inconvenient and works not good.
  • Add help screen, similar as PhotoStage-Android
  • Change MasterFX Window to be like the Effects Tab.
  • "Select VST Folder" pops open the first time the Effects tab is clicked
  • Uploaded 2013-12-12

Version 3.19

Android Release
  • Uploaded 2013-11-26

Version 3.17

Android Release
  • Video Display
  • Uploaded 2013-11-09

Version 3.16

Windows Release
  • Implement excellent scratching feature
  • Uploaded 2013-09-27

Version 3.15

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-09-14

Version 3.10

Windows Release
  • Updated the sync mechanism
  • Create a Suggestion for the product to add a new test plan to detect the bug "CrossFader issue: AutoPlay works not properly if 0 length overlap is used.".
  • Scan selected tracks for BPM
  • Uploaded 2013-08-31

Version 3.09

Android Release
  • Toolbar function added for adding the selected item to one of the decks
  • Increased the size of the deck buttons
  • Adjusted image sizes and other UI improvements for better Android device usability
  • Uploaded 2013-08-07

Version 3.08

Mac OS X Release
  • Added support for additional decks
  • Uploaded 2013-07-20

Version 3.07

Windows Release
  • Added tips to help guide a first time user
  • Optimized handling of drawing waveforms and db meters
  • Added VST support and effect chains on a separate tab
  • Additional crossfade options
  • Uploaded 2013-06-10

Version 3.06

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-03-18

Version 3.04

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-03-02

Version 3.03

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-02-22

Version 3.02

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-02-22

Version 3.01

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2012-12-25

Version 3.00

Windows Release
  • Global effects added on the center panel that will be applied to both decks
  • Uploaded 2012-12-21

Version 2.50

Windows Release
  • Create a Suggestion for llib to add additional diagnostics (asserts, LDEBUG, ponter tests etc) for the bug "Crash on seeking file in ASIO".
  • Create a Suggestion for the product to add a new test plan to detect the bug "Deck and samples stop playing".
  • Uploaded 2012-11-08

Version 2.42

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2012-09-19
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