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Recordpad does not appear to open

When you install RecordPad , by default the software is set to start up and then commence recording whenever the computer is started.   The program is minimized after it starts, so there is no RecordPad main window displayed to make it obvious that the software is already running.  Just a small icon is displayed on the computer's system tray. If you then attempt to start RecordPad by clicking on its Desktop icon, nothing will happen because it has already been started and is running minimized.

If you want to control the starting of RecordPad rather than have it start automatically whenever you restart the computer, you will have to change the startup settings in RecordPad's Options.

* Double click the RecordPad icon on the computer's system tray (near the clock).
* Click the Options menu, or the Options button on the toolbar.
* Select the General tab in Options.
* Disable the "Run RecordPad and start recording when computer starts" option in the Startup section.


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