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Quorum Conference Server Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About Quorum Conference Server".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 6 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

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Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 2.03

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-09-12

Version 2.02

Windows Version
  • Fixed Quorum does not installed backup copy of installation files and re-install not available
  • Fixed check Dialog layout and Text : display of View logs in main page has to have the first letter as Capitals
  • Fixed tool tip issues of the main page of the software
  • Fixed failed : Dialog Layout and Text in Options
  • Fixed when change Telephone settings and apply it, appears message to restart Quorum twice in a row
  • Fixed failed 120dpi Test
  • Fixed the display of "invited user name" of edit conference,add new conference of web control is slightly indented
  • Fixed alignment for equal spacing of the titles of the Edit conference form of the web control required
  • Fixed conference or logs not deleted after the specified time
  • Done shortcut for the tool tip of the View Logs of the main page
  • Fixed first user in conference is only visible if they are the owner
  • Fixed error in digital signature
  • Fixed when Quorum expired, show up expiration message but service process is running and works fine.
  • Fixed issues with dialog layouts and web page layouts to make the product cleaner and more professional looking.
  • Fixed issues with Java applet (signing, missing controls, Mute button issues).
  • Fixed numerous JavaScript errors that prevented some parts of the web control panel from working.
  • Fixed issues where the conference could get lagged/delayed and never properly caught up.
  • Fixed issue where joining the conference twice with the same user could cause quorum to crash when the second user disconnected.
  • Fixed issues with logs/conferences not deleting after the specified number of days.
  • Fixed I can not view or delete log file of sip trace.
  • Fixed several issues with layout/functionality on Chrome and FireFox.
  • Fixed issue that prevented inviting conference users and caused document owners not to be saved.
  • Fixed issues that related to users with spaces in their user names not always working correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the user could not view the current SIP trace.
  • Fixed issue where application icons were missing on Related Programs.
  • Fixed a number of items with user administration. Removed references to approval process, better documentation for process added, bugs with users not receiving their PIN or getting an invalid PIN when created by a super user have been fixed.
  • Added a startup wizard to collect admin password and email settings. It also runs the SIP network setup to open the firewall.
  • Uploaded 2011-03-01

Version 2.01

  • Added ability to use web conference without Java applet
  • Added categorization of users as Admin, Super, and Standard
  • Added email settings to the Options dialog
  • Added ability to upload documents prior to a conference
  • Fixed several muting issues
  • Fixed problems with conference invitation, cancellation, and editing of schedule
  • Fixed dead links in Web Control
  • Fixed deadlock of service engine following VoIP user login to web conference
  • Fixed Firefox / Vista-64 failure to join conference
  • Fixed functioning of "Speak" checkbox
  • Uploaded 2009-07-21

Version 2.00

  • Major improvements to the Web Control panel
  • Improved the main window with the new control panel
  • Audio streaming now supports stereo
  • Uploaded 2007-11-05

Version 1.02

  • Updated CAHTA/Synway handling
  • Minor fixes and changes to the Web Control panel
  • Minor fixes to the GUI
  • Uploaded 2006-12-22

Version 1.01

  • Web Control Panel with Java conference applet
  • Added IMS link
  • Added VRS link
  • Rearranged toolbar buttons
  • More Help contents
  • Uploaded 2006-11-24

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Quorum is software which runs as a phone conference server on any Windows PC. Callers dial into the server to join telephone conferences.

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