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Express Delegate Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About Express Delegate".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 6 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

Windows Download
Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 4.12

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-09-10

Version 4.11

  • Fixed log displayed wrong information
  • Done align list columns
  • Done add "Select all" check-boxes
  • Done Weblet-> Dictations tab-> "Status:" combo box - please add here the item All, ie show all dictations
  • Uploaded 2011-12-06

Version 4.10

  • Fixed SSL "Install an existing certificate" does not validate certificate / key
  • Done email should be sent to user when new account is created
  • Done add used component keys to
  • Done remove component install page from install wizard
  • Uploaded 2011-11-22

Version 4.08

  • Done when first time running, please show up window which askes for administrator account password.
  • Done some form of wizard to show the user where to get started
  • Done list pagination
  • - Added Dictation list is now broken up into pages.
  • - Added Dictation list now has search criteria, to show only dictations with a particular status.
  • - Changed Log list is now sorted in reverse chronological order.
  • Uploaded 2011-02-11

Version 4.07

  • Added WV (WavePack) file format support (Express Delegate Plus only)
  • Added check for port number conflict between non-secure and secure servers to 'Web Access' tab of Options dialog
  • Changed Web Control Panel title bar to now read "Express Delegate" instead of "Delegate"
  • Changed main window minimize and exit to behave like other NCH applications
  • Fixed "Starting web server" log messages not being displayed in the log window when the application was launched
  • Fixed date picker disabling on 'Create New Dictation' and 'Edit Dictation Details' pages when Deadline check-box is unchecked
  • Fixed main window title update of trial/paid status as soon as configuration wizard closes
  • Fixed 'License validation failed' web page to not show "Logged on as ..." text
  • Fixed duplicate entries for VOC extension in the list of supported file formats
  • Fixed non-appearance of Configuration Wizard title bar text on Windows XP
  • Fixed background colour of Options - 'Web Access' -> Routing -> 'Current Status' on Windows XP
  • Removed non-functional Help button on Configuration Wizard on Windows XP
  • Uploaded 2010-10-14

Version 4.06

  • Added 'Configuration Wizard' on installation
  • Added automatic inclusion of Windows Firewall exceptions for enabled port(s)
  • Added Dial Dictate to the list of compatible client programs in the Help file
  • Changed so managers can no longer alter the value of the "Typing pool" field on the 'Edit Dictation Details' web control panel page
  • Fixed "Administrators only" service permissions to no longer requires admin users to use "Run as Administrator" on Windows Vista and 7
  • Fixed "Deadline so it can no longer be set in the past on the 'Create New Dictation' page
  • Fixed "Error: Invalid typing pool ID" message being displayed when clicking on the Name column header in the 'Edit Typing Pool Details' page
  • Fixed toolbar to now show server status as "Error" instead of "Online" when a socket bind conflict occurs
  • Fixed incorrect Enabled state of buttons at the bottom of the 'Dictation List' page for non-managers
  • Fixed several SDK commands ("Delete Dictation", "Download Recording", etc.) being available to users who didn't have permission to access the specified dictation
  • Uploaded 2010-08-27

Version 4.05

  • Added uploading of attachments from Express Dictate (requires v5.18 or later) and downloading to Express Scribe (requires v5.04 or later)
  • Added transcript download link to 'View Dictation Details' page
  • Added display of typing pool membership (read-only) on 'View User Details' and 'Edit User' pages
  • Added 'Key size' drop-down list to SSL/TLS Certificate Wizard
  • Added 'Show log files' item to Tools menu
  • Added Web Dictate to list of compatible client programs in Help
  • Changed service recovery options to now default to restarting the service on failure
  • Changed uninstaller to provide option of keeping or deleting the database, log files, etc.
  • Fixed auto-import to now resume instead of aborting when an error occurs (only the first error is reported)
  • Fixed 'Start before logon' option, which wasn't working
  • Fixed the enabled states of buttons at the bottom of list pages to now match checked check-boxes
  • Fixed controls on 'Create New Rule' and 'Edit Rule Details' so they are now disabled when unavailable
  • Removed database maintenance dialog (database file path can no longer be modified)
  • Uploaded 2010-05-25

Version 4.04

  • Added Edit User page which allows managers to change other users' passwords.
  • Changed DVS file decoder; it now reads files recorded in LP mode and updated SP mode
  • Changed to now use the standard NCH Software "Web Access" Options tab for starting and stopping the web server and running the public IP address test
  • Changed error messages displayed during the auto-import source FTP connection test to be more concise and easier to understand
  • Changed so that server now enters "maintenance mode" while changes are being made to database options (clients see a maintenance message instead of 404 error)
  • Changed the Create and Edit Dictation web pages to provide better validation of deadline date & time
  • Fixed HTML encoding of data in some web page fields
  • Fixed Priority column of dictation list to now sort semantically instead of alphabetically
  • Fixed warning dialogs for expired trial period to no longer repeat indefinitely
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of Exit confirmation dialog if Exit is selected from the notification icon menu while the application is minimized
  • Fixed Help button in Options-File Types, which wasn't launching Help
  • Uploaded 2009-09-11

Version 4.03

  • Added automatic import of recordings from local folders or FTP servers [Express Delegate Plus only]
  • Added support for many more audio file formats when creating a dictation using auto-import or the web control panel [Express Delegate Plus only]
  • Changed window title and About text to better distinguish between Express Delegate (Trial) and Express Delegate Plus (Trial)
  • Fixed uninstall failing with "because it is being used by another user" error message if the uninstall was run without quitting the application
  • Fixed bug causing "Download Interupted" error in Express Scribe when attempting to Sync a large dictation file over a slower network connection
  • Fixed logging of "Recording downloaded" message when a download times-out before completion
  • Fixed incorrect display of Deadline when web control panel's "Create New Dictation" page had invalid file name when "Create" was clicked
  • Fixed validation of Deadline date & time values on web control panel's "Create New Dictation" and "Edit Dictation Details" pages
  • Fixed incorrect sorting in "Age" and "Deadline" list columns on web control panel's "Dictation" page
  • Uploaded 2009-04-28

Version 4.02

  • Added display of audio sample rate on the dictation properties page (for recordings uploaded to Delegate v4.02 or later with DB schema >= v2.)
  • Added "MSRS Conference and Court Recording System" to compatible client program list in Help.
  • Changed secure web port so it is now disabled by default for new installs.
  • Fixed uploading of recordings from client programs so they are stored quicker, thus avoiding time-out when uploading large recordings.
  • Improved audio quality of recordings. (Clients: For best results, use Express Dictate v5.09 or later, and/or MSRS v4.07 or later.)
  • Uploaded 2009-03-12

Version 4.01

  • Added automatic notification emails [Express Delegate Plus only]
  • Added automatic report emails [Express Delegate Plus only]
  • Added ability for managers to unassign or reassign dictations after they have been assigned to a typist
  • Added events logging to the database and ability to view them in the Web Control Panel
  • Added "Copy to new database" button to Database tab of Options dialog
  • Added Database details to Database tab of Options dialog
  • Added ability to send a test email from the Email tab of the Options dialog
  • Added range validation of Port numbers in Server options
  • Added testing of client programs for required user roles during connection testing
  • Added display of Trial status, when applicable, in the title bar, status bar, web control panel "About" page, and client "Test Connection" results dialog
  • Changed assignment of dictations in typing pools so that they are now assigned to typists when they Sync (in Express Scribe) or view the dictation list (in the Web Control Panel), instead of happening automatically in the background
  • Changed so that User name must now be unique when creating or modifying an existing user
  • Changed so that Typing Pool name must now be unique when creating or modifying an existing typing pool
  • Changed to no longer allow uploading of recordings with a duration of less than one second
  • Changed default non-secure port number from 96 to 99 to avoid clash with Express Invoice
  • Changed Minimise button to now minimise to the taskbar notification area
  • Fixed errors caused by database locking conflicts
  • Fixed Help links on web control panel pages which were not working in Mozilla Firefox
  • Fixed "Logged on as" text on Web Control panel pages, which was sometimes showing numbers instead of user details
  • Fixed "Users" Web Control panel page showing incorrect values for "Pools" and "Dictations" columns when a user had more than one role
  • Fixed "Create New Rule" Web Control panel page so it now disables Speaker condition, Typing Pool target and Typist target when their drop-down lists are empty
  • Fixed "Create New Dictation" web Control panel page causing "Problems with this Web page might prevent it from being displayed properly" warnings in Internet Explorer
  • Uploaded 2008-12-08

Version 4.00

  • Complete rewrite of application, with stronger dictation workflow management tools and a focus on web access
  • Windows 98 is no longer supported; supported versions are Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • Uploaded 2008-10-24
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