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Dial Dictate responds in a strange way while recording a dictation by rewinding, pausing or playing a file back from the beginning

This is frequently due to the modem or telephony board misdetecting a random tone on the telephone system as a key being pressed.

* Make sure you are using version 4.01 or later (The logs will then show you what keys are pressed during a dictation).
* Ask dictators to contact you immediately if such a problem occurs.
* Study the logs of their call to see what DTMF tones are being registered.
* If it only occurs rarely then you may be able to find a common factor and eliminate it. It may always originate from a particular phone or be linked to system tones (eg: call waiting tones or time block tones). It has even been traced back to a high-pitched voice on one occasion.
* If it occurs frequently then it may be possible to eliminate the problem by forcing Dial Dictate to ignore that particular tone.  The idea is to determine which tone is being logged (in error) by studying the logs (file//view or print logs) and then to relocate the DTMF tones in DialDictate//settings//options//Change Record Menu Key Assignment.  The idea is that a "do nothing" instruction is allocated to the troublesome tone.


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