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Callers are sometimes disconnected during a dictation

This can either be due to mis-detection of an end-of-call tone or due to the line dropping out (particularly if the caller is on a cell-phone).

* Mis-detection of an end-of-call tone;
Modems usually detect the end of a call by "listening" for a tone called an 'end-of-call tone' or 'disconnect tone'.  Some modems are poor detectors in that other random tones are misdetected as end-of-call tones and they instruct Dial Dictate that the caller has hung up.  These tones might always originate from a particular phone or be linked to system tones (eg call waiting tones or time block tones).  It has even been traced back to a high-pitched voice on one occasion.  When this occurs the item logged is "Call has disconnected". * System Disconnect;
Dictators frequently use cell-phones for dictating.  If the signal is poor then a disconnection can result. Only use cell phones in a good area and for short dictations.   Please refer to: Resolving Problems With Broken-off Recordings for details on how to fix this.


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