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Dial Dictate Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About Dial Dictate".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 6 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

Windows Download
Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 4.28

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-09-05

Version 4.27

Windows Version Update
  • Fixed [Win7-64]: 'Options->Voice Promts->Change Voice Prompt->Record/Text To Speech' does not work
  • Done if not registered play a prompt "Program Trial has Expired".
  • Uploaded 2012-01-24

Version 4.26

Windows Version Update
  • Fixed Seeking/Navigation of Dictations not working correctly with Synway boards
  • Fixed Mp3 Compression Default Changes
  • Fixed DTMF tones for A,B,C, and D cause recording to stop and cannot be changed
  • Uploaded 2011-06-24

Version 4.25

  • Added driver check and status log message for CAHTA telephony devices to advise users who install the 64-bit CAHTA drivers that those drivers cannot be used with our applications (require 32-bit drivers)
  • Fixed bug with Call Test Simulator settings where Play Device was not correctly saved/restored
  • Fixed problem where logging out with some service configurations did not keep the service running as it was supposed to
  • Fixed issue where cross-application CAHTA telephony device locking sometimes did not work correctly after adding the device to another application
  • Updated to use the current 'NCH Software Suite' dialog
  • Uploaded 2010-09-09

Version 4.24

  • Added ability to re-enter password when it is incorrect on the first try
  • Fixed Advanced Access Code Settings failing on real calls
  • Fixed CAHTA telephony devices not working on 64-bit Windows (requires the 32-bit CAHTA drivers to be installed to work)
  • Fixed failure to answer calls from Callcentric and Iphonex
  • Fixed broken Help links on User Properties dialog ('Send Method' and 'Dictation' tabs)
  • Fixed Help for license type
  • Uploaded 2010-08-26

Version 4.23

  • Added Express Delegate send method (see for more information)
  • Added prompt for user to check the Record Menu voice prompt when non-default key assignments are configured
  • Changed 'Set Audio Compression Format For Sending' in Options dialog to no longer show sample rates higher than the original recording
  • Changed to limit User ID to six digits or less When creating a new user under a Site Licence
  • Fixed inoperative 'Use secure FTP' setting
  • Fixed default 'Re-enter Reference Number' voice prompt repeats
  • Fixed overlapping command bar text at higher display DPI levels
  • Fixed the enabled state of "User Name" in Options - Users - Settings to now be set correctly
  • Uploaded 2010-06-21

Version 4.22

  • Fixed installation bug causing issues with optimizations on processors without SSE2 instructions
  • Uploaded 2009-09-25

Version 4.21

  • Changed to avoid repetition of the 'Options' feature
  • Fixed simultaneous calls causing disconnect
  • Fixed situation where disabling of password protection did not require use of the Administrator password
  • Fixed bug with "Edit.." menu item for Change Voice Prompt
  • Fixed 'Add User' dialog allowing the same registration details to be added multiple times, resulting in many users with the same username but different access codes
  • Fixed overlapping 'Restore' and 'OK' buttons on the Advanced Access Code Settings dialog
  • Fixed several Help file issues
  • Updated and improved voice prompts
  • Updated NCH logo
  • Uploaded 2009-09-08

Version 4.20

  • Fixed bug causing creation of large temporary files in Windows 2000
  • Fixed dictation not being sent and disk space filling up
  • Fixed errors when no send method is specified
  • Fixed failure of file compression when recording with PCM-uncompressed 24-bit or 32-bit (any frequency)
  • Fixed inability to re-create the "Demo Test User" during 14-day free trial period after this user had been deleted
  • Fixed program opening for the first time in a small window that is less than the minimum available window size when resizing
  • Fixed stereo audio format producing files with 'higher-pitch' effect
  • Fixed typo in Help file
  • Fixed Valid Dictation Type dialog showing name to be "Add Dictation Type" when the Edit Dictation Type button is pressed
  • Uploaded 2009-06-09

Version 4.14

  • Added email address validation check
  • Changed label on browse button to "Browse" instead of "..." in Options -> General -> Dictation Backup
  • Changed Options -> Users -> Settings -> Details so that the "Name" and "Email" fields are now grayed-out
  • Fixed bug with acceptance of Site Licence details
  • Fixed double click on name to play voice prompt not working in Options -> Voice Prompts
  • Fixed "Change Voice Prompt" recording bug in Options -> Voice Prompts
  • Fixed problem with Backup folder
  • Fixed several issues when using program with CAHTA (Synway) telephony device
  • Fixed user Settings dialog re-opening when Cancel button is clicked
  • Uploaded 2009-01-07

Version 4.13

  • Added fields 'Last access date', 'Total recorded files', and 'Total time on line' to Users list view
  • Fixed to stop CallCentric from timing DialDictate out when recording
  • Fixed repaint issue on the line icons of the status bar
  • Fixed "Advanced Access Code Settings", which is common for all users but was in User Settings dialog
  • Fixed Voice prompt "Dictation sent" not being read out if option 'Read out dictation number' is enabled
  • Fixed incorrect 'new line' symbol in dictation notes (.dct) file for sent dictation
  • Fixed voice prompt for "Re-enter Reference Number"
  • Fixed 'Buy Online' button (was opening local page instead of online purchase page)
  • Fixed broken links in Help pages
  • Updated for new SQL library
  • Uploaded 2008-07-03

Version 4.12

  • Added descriptive disconnect log messages
  • Added secure FTP for user dictation upload
  • Changed autodelete backup days to allow 0 for Do Not Delete
  • Changed to only restart engine if telephony info changes
  • Fixed help links,
  • Fixed some GUI strings which were too long
  • Updated CAHTA/Synway library
  • Updated related programs dialog
  • Uploaded 2008-03-31

Version 4.11

  • Relink with updated Synway lib (fixes problem with message breakup when using Synway telephony device)
  • The user list is now ordered
  • Does not start SIP engine if there are no SIP lines
  • Uploaded 2007-03-12

Version 4.10

  • Fixed bug with database test button
  • Uploaded 2007-01-18

Version 4.09

  • New service structure
  • New telephony line handling
  • New HTML help
  • Now has the ability to disable dictators
  • New 'User Settings' pages
  • Now has the option to read out reference number
  • Now has a definable backup folder
  • Enforced unique access codes
  • Uploaded 2007-01-15
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