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Can I stop Zulu from scanning the BPM?

Zulu automatically scans the BPM of a track when I load it into a deck. This sometimes takes a long time, is there a way I can stop Zulu doing this so I can just start playing the music straight away?

Yes, you can stop Zulu from scanning the BPM by setting the BPM yourself before you load the track into a deck. To do this, right-click on a track in the music list and choose "Edit BPM" a window will appear that allows you to put a number in directly, tap a tempo in yourself, or do the scan there.

Once you have set a BPM for a track Zulu will not automatically scan for it again. A quick way to know if Zulu will scan for the BPM is to check the BPM column in the music list, if it is empty, then Zulu will scan for the BPM when you load it.

Zulu needs a BPM for features such as cue points, looping and syncing. You cannot use Zulu without a BPM.


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