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Golden Records Analog to CD/MP3 Converter

Convert vinyl records & cassette tapes to digital audio

Golden Records converts your favorite records and cassettes to CD or MP3 files using your Mac or Windows PC.
  • Protect rare vinyl LPs or cassettes while you can
  • Easy wizard guides you through the process quickly
  • Audio restoration tools to remove clicks and hiss
  • Convert to mp3 or burn directly to CD in pure digital
Convert your records
and cassettes to digital
files or burn to CD

Spin Your Old Favorites All Over Again

Golden Records keeps your old favorites sounding their best
  • Restoration tools automatically clean up damaged audio
  • Remove hiss, clicks and pops from old tapes or scratched records
  • Normalizes the volume of the recordings when converting to CD
  • Applies dc offset correction when converting analog to mp3
Golden Records analog audio cassette and LP converter software

No Advanced Technical Skills Required

Easy to use wizard takes you through the conversion process
  • Automatically detects silence to split audio into tracks
  • Phono RIAA eq can be applied in the software so no pre-amplifier is required. Connect a record player directly to the computer
  • Can convert 78 RPM records playing on a 45 RPM player
Easy step-by-step analog to digital audio converter wizard

Multi-Format LP Converter Software

Use Golden Records to convert your music for many different uses
Digitize audio to mp3 or to CD or for portable media players

Vinyl to CD Converter

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System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7
  • See Windows 98/ME software and Windows 2000 software respectively for earlier versions
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • About 600MB free hard drive space
  • CD burner drive if you want to burn the audio to CD
  • Record player (for converting from LP)
  • Cassette deck (for converting from cassette tapes)
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We have tested the following products sold by AltoEdge with our Golden Records vinyl to CD converter software.

Download Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter
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