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Distinctive Ring Problems

First, please refer to the page "Distinctive Ring Detection" on the Help pages of IVM.

Most problems occur because the modem / device is not correctly reporting the DRN.  Check your most recent call logs for this.  If the DRN is not detected by the hardware, setup for software based distinctive ring detection as follows.

Setup for Software Based Distinctive Ring

Note: The software based distinctive ring can only distinguish between two different rings.
Dial IVM twice - each time on a different ring.  After the call open the system log and note the time taken for each ring.  Suppose for simplicity the times are 4000ms and 5000ms.
12:21:13 Answered line [5 "Line 5"] call number [24] cid [Unknown] did[] drn[1 (4000ms)] 12:21:58 Answered line [5 "Line 5"] call number [25] cid [Unknown] did[] drn[1 (5000ms)] Open Settings / Devices / Advanced line settings, select "Use minimum ring interval" and enter 4500 ms.

Open the OGM properties for the first OGM.  Select the date/time ID tab.

* Check "Use number id validity checking"
* Select "distinctive ring" in the CID box.
* check "is".
* enter "0" or "1"
* select "skip to OGM"
* select alternative OGM


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