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How can IVM be used in conjunction with a PBX?

If you simply need to take messages after hours then IVM can either
(a) be installed on a regular analog extension of the PBX or
(b) be connected across the primary extenal incoming line.
If you use option (a) your PBX must have a regular analog (not digital extension) to connect IVM to and you will need to program the PBX to direct calls to that extension after hours.  Option (b) is simpler but will only work if you have analog incoming lines.  For both options, you might want to use the auto-hours feature of IVM.IVM for information lines, order taking, payment services etc.  We recommend that you connect a dedicated line directly to the IVM (ie. do not go through your PBX).

If you are using IVM as a call attendant (ie. to transfer calls), it will need to be connected on a regular analog extension socket of your PBX.  In addition to being able to have regular analog phone extensions, your PBX must accept flash-dial-strings to transfer calls.


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