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Setup complex IVR systems

IVM comes with a call simulator which greatly simplifies the process.  Examples of skill levels required are:

  • IVM installed "as is" as a simple answering machine.  Provided that your voice modem works only basic computer skills are require.

  • If you require many mailboxes and a hierachical system of OGMs then an analytical "systems approach" would be required.  You would need some patience and be willing to read the help files and to try and test different possibilities. No programming experience would be required.

  • If you need to devise a complex system then more advanced computer skills and some programming experience would be necessary - particularly if you need to write plugins for IVM.
When you download and install IVM you also install extensive help files that contain the full manual.  This can be opened using the Help Contents item of the IVM menu.

Sample IVRs and Sample plugins can be downloaded from www.nch.com.au/ivm. These can of course be modified by you for your actual requirements.

If you have read the manual and still have specific questions, limited help can be provided by contacting us, or alternatively contact specialists in the field on our IVM Experts page


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