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Computer crashes when call is answered

1.  Problems with modem INF Files: These symptoms sometimes mean defective modem INF files or serial communications errors that cause the modem driver to 'crash' after the first call.   For those technically interested, you should view the modem log to see where the error occurs.  There is no easy solution but to use a different voice modem.  See for more information.
2.  Problems with other monitoring applications interfering with the modem.  We have confirmed reports that a process called pgmonitr.exe file that is used by a application KAAZA is defective and can cause these types of problems.  You must exit or uninstall pgmonitr.exe/KAAZA if it is running on the same machine.  We have also had some (unconfirmed) reports that uninstalling the virus checker (Norton AntiVirus 2001) can solve the problem.  There may be bug in that virus checker.


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