How do I configure my IP phone with Axon?

Here is the generic guide for configuring an extension into your IP phone. Consult your phone manual for how to do specific things.
  1. Open the Axon Web Control Panel
  2. Click on the Extensions heading
  3. Select an Extension ID and click on "Setup Details"
  4. Enter the listed setup settings into the respective fields in your IP phone's configuration interface. The main fields you need to copy over are "SIP User ID", "Password" and "SIP Server", the other fields are optional.
If you have tried this and it doesn't work, then it is possibly due to some sort of problem with the telephone. You will need to provide us with a SIP trace from the telephone showing an attempt to register its extension with Axon. Consult the IP phone's manual for instructions about how to do this, or contact the phone's manufacturer if the manual is no help.