How do I configure Uplink with Axon?

Make sure you install Axon first, and then install Uplink on the same computer.


  1. In Axon: Create a new External Line using these details:

    Line Name: uplink
    Server: [blank]
    ID / User Name: uplink
    Password: fykfhqrc
    Incoming calls ring on: [nominate an extension or group you would like to ring when a call comes through from Skype]

    Save these details.

    Now go to the properties for your "Default" dialing plan. You need to decide here what prefix needs to be dialled in order to ring out through Skype from SIP. Our suggestion is to use the existing "9" prefix. So where it says "if number starts with" and "9" in the second dial rule, click the edit button for that dial rule (see on the right side) and change the "dial on line" to "uplink".

  2. In Uplink: Uplink will detect for the presence of Axon and automatically setup the SIP line for you. If you go to Settings -> SIP tab you can verify that the following details are present:

    Display name: Uplink SIP2Skype Converter
    SIP number: uplink
    Server: localhost
    Password: fykfhqrc

    In Settings -> General tab, look at the "Dial Options" box and ensure the option "When SIP calls" is set to "Use the dialled number" and the field "When Skype calls SIP" says "uplink".

    Save these changes, and then restart Uplink.

    After Uplink is restarted, observe the Axon logs and you will see a log message appearing saying something like "External Line skype is at: sip:skype@".

That's it, you can now test out your system.

Things you need to check:

  1. Uplink, Skype and Axon should all be on the same computer.
  2. Axon should be running on local port 5060. You can see this when you start Axon and look at the second line in the logs, it will say "SIP Private IP is ..." and it will list your private IP and local port. When someone dials your skype number, it will go through Uplink and then Axon will contact whatever extensions you told it to ring. And to dial out, simply type prefix 9, then type the skype username that you want to contact. This can be any regular Skype username or even a real number if you are subscribed to the SkypeOut service.