How do I configure VRS with Axon?


If you install VRS after Axon is installed (on the same computer), it will detect for the presence of Axon and automatically create a VoIP recording source in VRS. This source by default carries 10 recording channels in it, meaning that you can have 10 recordings going at the same time.

You can change this value by going to Settings -> Devices tab -> double-click the "Axon PBx" source and change the "Number of Channels for this Source" to whatever you like.

Note: Each instance of the source counts as an actual channel and may affect your VRS licensing arrangement, so please consider this when changing the setting.


In the Axon web control panel you can set up Axon to record all calls that come in through an external line or go out through an extension. To do this, just go to the properties for any external line or extension and check the "Record Calls" option.

Note: If you enable call recording in Axon then all audio in your phone calls must be routed through the Axon server. This may create delay issues in your conversations if there is a large distance between one (or both) of the call parties and the Axon computer.

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