How do I configure Express Talk with Axon?

Express Talk

You can install Express Talk on any computer within the Axon network or even anywhere across the Internet and have it work with Axon. To connect the two software products together you need to configure an Axon extension number into the line settings in Express Talk.


  1. Nominate any extension from the Axon web panel Extensions section that you would like to be used with Express Talk.
  2. Click on it to enter its properties page and verify that you have correctly set information such as password, Outbound Dialing Plan and Voice Mail / Transfer features.
  3. Save those changes, then back in the Extensions page click "Setup Details" for that extension.
  4. Note down the "SIP User ID or Number", "Password", and "SIP Server" information.
  5. Enter this information into the respective fields in your Express Talk line settings.
  6. Hit OK to save the details in Express Talk and then wait for Talk to register its extension with Axon.
  7. At this point the two software products are connected and you can now make calls from Express Talk through Axon (this assumes you have setup Axon correctly with regards to External Lines and Outbound Dialing Plans).

The only point you need to observe when dialing numbers in Express Talk is that your numbers must conform to the outbound dialing plan structure setup for your extension in Axon. If you are unsure how it works, get your Axon administrator to print off the "Setup" Details page for your extension - this page tells you exactly what you need to do to dial out.