VoIP Help - Account

This is where you configure a VoIP account. If you haven't signed up for an account yet you can do so here.

VoIP Account Name: This is the name of the VoIP account. This field will be passed on as part of the caller ID information when a call is made using this account.

VoIP Connection Settings

Number of simultaneous lines allowed: This defines how many instances of the VoIP Account you would like to be created. Note that if the provider of your account only allows one instance to be configured then setting this number higher than "1" will be of no benefit (check with your provider how many instances of the account you can use). If the account is an Axon extension it can be used as many times as desired.

SIP Number (or User Name): This is the user name provided by the VoIP gateway service. In most cases it is the actual phone number assigned to you for this account.

Password: The password for your VoIP account.

Server (Proxy and Domain): This is the IP address or domain name of the server through which your account is provided. If you were not given this information in an email or webpage, you must ask your provider what it is.

Click the "Advanced SIP Server Settings..." button to access additional account configuration fields.

Advanced SIP Server Settings

This dialog only needs to be modified if your VoIP provider requires fields other than SIP Number, Password and Server to be configured as part of your VoIP account setup.

Outbound Proxy: If your VoIP provider uses a different outbound or register proxy server to their normal server, select "Use a different outbound server" and type the outbound or register server name in the "Outbound Proxy" field. This server will be used for both registering the line and for initiating outbound calls.

Authentication User Name: If your VoIP provider requires you to authenticate with an ID that is different from your VoIP number, select "Use a different username" and type in the User ID in the "Auth ID" field.