Problems when connecting to an FTP server

If you have problems when attempted to connect to an ftp server to upload or download dictations then try the following: If you cannot connect with Windows Internet Explorer (with Internet Options set to use passive IP) then our software will not work. Our support cannot help you resolve the problems. You will need to speak to your network administrator or seek support from your ftp server company.

Can the old 'Active' FTP mode be Used?

The short answer is: No. If you are asking this question you probably have a bad ftp server setup which should be fixed at source. Because active ftp does not work from users behind firewalls or NAT devices we do not allow active mode because it causes difficult and unexpected connection problems to surprise users due to NAT and firewall issues on the client end. It is safer to force passive mode which works much more reliably. Please see Setting Up An FTP Server.

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