CAHTA Problems - Installing CAHTA Drivers

Installing Driver

About the only trick there is, is when you are installing the driver, an Unsigned driver window may pop up in the background, so you need to minimise the driver installation window, then click Continue anyway, on the popup for the driver. Otherwise the installation will just wait for your input.
If there is a complication, do a re-install and select new install.

Installing Driver

This driver installs very similar to The only difference being that you donít need to minimise the window in order to click the continue button.

If installation hangs around for more than 10 minutes and appears like nothing is happening, restart the computer then run the install again.

Installing Driver
Please donít use this driver with NCH Software. It has some problems with our programs that we are fixing.

  1. On the page there is a link to download updated drivers.
    Download the driver as it has been tested to work well with our products. has problems.
  2. When you install the driver, you should see a message at the end saying current configuration succeeds.
    When you see this message, you know the driver has installed properly.
  3. If you get asked a question about upgrading the driver or doing a New install, select the New install option.
  4. VRS can share the Cahta device with another program, but IVM and Quorum take control differently. And so any programs started after IVM or Quorum have control, will not be able to see any of the Cahta channels.
  5. If you receive a message saying "Error copyingSHP_A3.dll"
    Restart the computer and delete C:\Windows\SHP_A3.dll
    Then run the installer Again.
  6. Providing there aren't any other programs open that could be controlling the card, our programs should be able to see the Cahta Device.

Installing Cahta boards under Windows Vista

Please see Installing Cahta boards under Windows Vista