Why is Manual Configuration Required?

This routing wizard is to enable users on the public internet to connect to your server.

You may not be concerned with setting this up if you are just testing the software or if you plan to use the server on a local network. Choose "Dont Care" in this case.

The choices are:

  1. Router is manually configured
  2. Remind me later
  3. Don't care
This dialog appears when the Routing Wizard can not automatically determine the best settings to use.

This is most likely because your router does not have Universal Plug and Play enabled. The best option might be to enable it and run the Routing Wizard again, see Options -> Routing.

Router is Manually Configured

If you know that your router is configured correctly, then enter the public IP address or domain name of the router and select the first option. Note the text that describes what ports need to be redirected, based on the settings from the Options -> Routing page. Please see a more detailed description here.

Remind Me Later

The default option is to be remined later (unless you previously set it to "Don't Care").

Don't Care

If you are using this program over a local area network and don't need or want external users accessing your server, then choose "Don't care."

If you need to consult with a local netorking administrator, bookmark this page.