License Blocked - Too Many Installs

If you receive this message it means you used the same key to register the program on many different computers.

You may receive this message if you had to reinstall the software on a number of different computers in a very short period of time. Under our software license terms you are only allowed to reinstall the software twice in any 12 month period. You have now exceeded that limit.

As a gratuity we will allow you to reset your Registration Codes. You can only do this once every 12 months - so please make sure this is necessary. If you reset the key it will disable any software previously registered with the same key. Please contact Registration Support if you need further assistance.

Reminder: It is piracy to use a single installation on multiple computers - this can result in criminal prosecution and jail terms for individuals including employees of companies.

Reset ID and Cancel Previous Installs
Registration ID Number
Enter the 6 or 7 digit ID number from your license registration and activation code.
When complete click here --->