Encoder Options for rss / m3u / pls / wpl Files

These formats are all playlist formats, meaning that they do not contain any audio content inside them. Instead they link to an audio file that exists somewhere on your computer, network, or on the Internet.

These playlist formats have been designed purely for the purpose of creating a file that you can upload to a website on the Internet and let others stream or download to their computers. As such, these formats only support converting from one file to one MP3 file and one playlist. This means that if you were to convert, for example, 10 files to one of these formats, you would end up with 10 playlist files and 10 MP3 files.

The options for these formats lets you configure two different settings:

  1. A Root URL for where you will be hosting the file on the Internet. This URL will have the filename of the file you are converting appended automatically. e.g. the URL "http://www.music.com" will end up having the link "http://www.music.com/music.mp3" embedded in the playlist file if you are converting from a file called "music".

  2. The MP3 settings for the encoded file. You will have access to the same options as when you are converting to MP3 format. See Options ~ MP3 for more information.