Access Violation or other crash reported in QuickTimeAudioSupport.qtx, QuickTimeMPEG4.qtx, QuickTime3GPP.qtx, QuickTimeEssentials.qtx

You application has just crashed and this was caused by the third party codecs for QuickTime and can also by installed by QuickTime Alternative.

These crashes can be caused by

  1. bug in the filter, especially for old versions trying to be used under Windows Vista
  2. conflicts where several versions are being used (say by both QuickTime and QuickTime Alternative)

To fix this issue

  1. Please upgrade your installation of QuickTime or QuickTime Alternative. Preferably only have one of these installed.
  2. (For Prism Only) Select the 'Options' on the toobar and then select the tab 'Conversions'. Make sure 'Use FFMPEG first' option is checked. Please try again.