Registration code is not accepted

Please check:

1. You are not attempting to register your software using your 12-15 digit license serial number instead of a valid registration code in the format 5555555 - aaaaaaaa. If this is the case, you must first activate your license serial number and obtain a registration code at
2. You have entered all details exactly as they are received (including name, and location case sensitive). Do not change any details of the Name or Location as these are locked to your registration.
3. There are no leading spaces before or after each line of information. This often happens when you cut and paste information. If in doubt type the information in.
4. You have not installed another instance of the software using the same key on a different computer (the key locks to the computer). If this is the case please contact support using the form here.
5. You are not trying to activate a newer version of the software using your old registration and activation code. There is a 6 month period of free upgrades beginning from the initial activation of your software. After this time, to use a newer version you must purchase an upgrade using
Unfortunately, if you have not backed up the software you initially purchase, you cannot revert back to the older version. We do not keep copies of older version software because the cost we would need to charge you for the service exceeds the upgrade cost.
6. you are trying to activate only the software that you purchased and not any other program (this is an easy mistake to make). If this is the case and you have not yet downloaded or cannot find the program you purchased, just download it again using the links at

If you have checked you are not doing any of the above and this problem persists, please complete the form here.. Please be sure to include:

1. The name of the software you are attempting to use
2. The date of purchase.
3. A full copy and paste of the registration and activation code you received including name, location, ID and key (copy and paste directly from the email we sent you).
4. Details of any error message being displayed.
5. The version of the software you are attempting to register (see Help -> About).
6. Confirmation the registration and activation code is not being used to activate software on another machine.