Public IP address changed since configuration was last run

When your modem or router connects to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you are assigned what is called an IP address. This IP address uniquely identifies you amongst all the other devices on the Internet.

Depending on the arrangement you have with your ISP, you may be assigned an IP address that never changes (a static address), or you may be assigned a different address every time you connect to the Internet (a dynamic address).

Static addresses are more reliable, as they allow computers to more easily connect to you from across the Internet.

If you have a dynamic address though, it is still possible for other computers to find you, but you may have to use a special service such as in order to keep track of your changing IP addresses.

If you are unsure whether you have a static or dynamic IP address, please contact your ISP for further information. To learn more about IP addresses, please click here.

If you receive the error 'Public IP address changed since configuration was last run', then it means that your ISP has probably assigned you a different IP address from when you last connected to the Internet. To resolve this issue, click the button 'Routing Wizard' to let the software detect your new IP address. Once this is done your application will run the same as before.