Encoder Options for mov Files

This file format is mostly used on Mac, iPod and iPhone.

Video Compressor

MOV files are saved using H264, MPEG4 or H265 compression. H265 is available in macOS beginning with High Sierra 10.13.

H264 / H265 Compressor

Average Bit Rate

Enable this option to indicate the long-term desired average data rate (in kilobits per second). A higher value results in better image quality but bigger file size. Note that this is not a hard limit; the bit rate may peak above this. If disabled, the encoder does not set a limit.

Maximum Key Frame Interval

Enable this option to tell the encoder to generate at least one key frame for every number of frames specified. A smaller value gives a video that is easier to navigate during playback (due to the increased number of key frames), but the file size may increase in this case. If disabled, the encoder should choose where to place all key frames. It can generate key frames more frequently if this would result in more efficient compression.

MPEG4 compressor

Video Bitrate

Here you specify the bitrate the video is encoded at. The higher the value, the better the quality of the picture and the fewer artifacts (macro blocks and blurring). You should experiment with this. Please note that higher values result in a larger file size.

Average Bitrate

The mean bit rate, and the main value that affects quality. Maximum bitrate should generally exceed this, but no set margin is required; the Average and Maximum bitrate can safely be the same.

Maximum Bitrate

This is the absolute maximum bitrate. It does not dramtically affect quality but some formats have set values that must not be exceeded (e.g., 10 megabits for DVD video). If your maximum bitrate is set too low, then you will get macro block effects, in which case you should increase BOTH values.

Audio Compressor

MOV files are saved using AAC compression for audio.

Audio Bitrate

You can specify a variety of encoding bitrates. The higher the value, the better the sound quality.