Encoder Options for Blu-ray Video

This dialog allows you to select the quality rate which will be used by the Blu-ray (h.264) video compressor. The higher the setting, the better the quality of the images (meaning less artifacts like blocks and blurring).

Please note that higher settings may result in longer encoding times. You should experiment with this to pick the optimal quality for your needs.

Technical notes: Quality settings correspond to CRF (constant rate-factor, or constant "quality") values in the h.264 encoder. The final bitrates of the compressed video may vary depending on the source.


Progressive-scan, 24fps: A progressive video is made up of consecutively displayed video frames that contain all of the horizontal lines that make up the image being shown. The frame rate is 24 frames per second.

Interlaced, 30fps: An interlaced video uses tow fields to create a frame, each field of a video image displays every other horizontal line of the complete image. The frame rate is 30 frames per second.