VoIP Help - Advanced

Quality / Bandwidth

These settings relate to the choice of codec when making a phone call.

Prefer lower bandwidth (but with lower audio quality)

This options forces the use of a low bandwidth codec. Useful for slower Internet connections.

Use default settings (Recommended)

This option allows the software to select the choice of codec. The software will make the best compromise between quality and bandwidth.

Prefer higher quality audio (but using more bandwidth)

This option forces the use of a high bandwidth (and high quality) codec. Useful for faster Internet connections.

SIP Message Logging

Log all SIP messages

This will log all the SIP messaging data into a file.

Log all RTP (audio) packets

This will log all audio data that is sent and received.

Click "View Logs" to view the folder where these logs are stored.

SIP and RTP data are both stored in the one file for convenience. Files are split up according to day in order to avoid creating large files.