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I received the following notification: 'Message for user <username> cannot be sent. User does not exist'. What is it and how do I correct it?

This issue generally occurs with a CallCentric account and is related to the voice mail notification feature of CallCentric. They are sending a NOTIFY message to Axon on the assumption that Axon wants to subscribe to Voice Mail notifications when it registers a CallCentric number. This notification is a response to a SUBSCRIBE request asking for this information. Since Axon did not request the information it will issue the error.

This problem has been addressed in Axon v 2.04+. A message will now display in the Axon log window notifying you if new messages are available on the CallCentric line.

If upgrading to a version of Axon 2.04+ is not an option, you can simply turn voicemail off for your CallCentric account to stop these messages from coming through.


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