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Stamp ID3 Tag Editor Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About Stamp ID3 Tag Editor".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 6 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

Windows Download
Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 2.40

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2016-08-19

Version 2.39

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2013-11-19

Version 2.38

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2012-07-31

Version 2.37

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2012-07-27

Version 2.36

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2012-07-04

Version 2.35

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2012-06-06

Version 2.34

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2012-04-26

Version 2.33

  • Fixed wrong version on website or wrong information on software
  • Fixed some improvements of open menu
  • Done Do not show decoding window on task bar
  • Done column should have minimum width
  • Fixed Failed Test in 800x600 screen resolution
  • Done apply the same tag (e.g. Artist or Album) to multiple files
  • Fixed it's not possible to clear fileds 'Genre' and 'Category'
  • Fixed screen elements overlap when window is restored
  • Fixed .ogg and .flac file decoding
  • Fixed some file not display
  • Fixed delete the linked but when someone highlight linked and click delete it deletes the embedded
  • Fixed modify tags for wav fie
  • Fixed multiple files, link image do not show
  • Fixed rename %Time% not working
  • Uploaded 2011-06-17

Version 2.32

  • Fixed issues with file renaming failures when many tags are used, or if several tags contain long character strings
  • Uploaded 2010-10-25

Version 2.31

  • Changed to block file renaming if new filename is greater than 260 characters
  • Fixed problems with linked and embedded images
  • Fixed WMA tags Count and Rating not being saved
  • Fixed Count tag for wav not being grayed-out when it can't take any value
  • Fixed 'Playback Device' field being empty when Stamp first used on Windows7 64-bit
  • Fixed error in Help file
  • Uploaded 2010-10-20

Version 2.30

  • Changed location of Refresh button to main toolbar to make it more visible
  • Fixed crashes when updating tags in FLAC files
  • Fixed several problems with running on Windows 2000
  • Fixed problem with album artist being overwritten
  • Fixed crashes when scanning folders with >150GB of music
  • Fixed bug causing image to not appear in Album art on WMP
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Fixed browsing of network shares
  • Fixed browsing of 'My Music', 'My Documents' and similar folders on Windows 7
  • Fixed problem with Help file
  • Improved cancellation of playing for some formats
  • Uploaded 2010-08-27

Version 2.10

  • Added display of last folder in use when application is launched
  • Added memory of filelist column width and position from one execution to the next
  • Added ability to select multiple files by holding down the Shift key
  • Added display of error message when Play is clicked with no file selected
  • Added validation for count text field to prevent the acceptance of character (non-numeric) data for numeric data fields
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