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Can I use WavePad to record my voice over a music file?

You cannot record your voice directly over the music file using WavePad, but you can create a separate voice file and then mix the files together using the Paste Mix feature.

  1. Use WavePad to record the voice file
  2. Open the music file and the voice file in WavePad
  3. Select and copy the voice track
  4. Go to the music file
  5. Click Paste Mix on the Edit Tab Toolbar
    • Please note: In most cases, the length of the voice file will be different than the music file. If the voice file is shorter than the music file, the voice portion will end when it ends and the music will continue. If the voice file is longer than the music file, select one of the options in the Paste Mix dialog box.

If you need to hear the music while recording the vocals, try MixPad Multitrack Recording Software. MixPad lets you record multiple tracks at one time.


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