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I-Partner Reseller Terms

This page explains the I-Partner Program, a program for professional users of the I-Producer and resellers of the IMS On-Hold Messages Player, the IAP Announcement Player and the VRS Call Recording System.

For resellers of the Express Dictate dictation suite (including Express Dictate, DialDictate, Express Scribe and MSRS), please see the Express Dictation System Reseller Terms.


Benefits for Professional On-Hold and Announcement Producers

If you are an professional audio production business, these are the benefits of joining the I-Partner program:

  • Blanket license to use the IMS and IAP Players with your customers.
  • Customisation and co-branding of the software with your logo and contact details so that the software looks as if it is yours and refers customers to you for additional sales.
  • Use of the I-Producer expert production software.
  • Technical support for the software.
  • We list you on the software directory and we often refer customers who enquire from your country/region to resellers.
Benefits for Telephone or PA Equipment Suppliers

If you are a telephone system supplier or a public address system installer these are the benefits of joining the I-Partner program:

  • Wholesale reseller pricing of the IMS and IAP Announcement Players and the VRS Call Recording Software.
  • Your logo and contact details on the software.
  • Technical support for the software.
  • Ability to earn income automatically online with our affiliate program.
  • Access to the list of resellers and producers of professional voice services.
Benefits for Software Suppliers

If you are a software or computer seller, these are the benefits of joining the I-Partner program:

  • Wholesale reseller pricing of the IMS and IAP Announcement Players and the VRS Call Recording Software.
  • Automatic online registration form which can accept registration from client online. (ie Earn income from the product 24 hours a day).
  • Your logo incorporated into the splash screen of the software.
  • Technical support for the software.
Promotional Brochures Available

Hard copies of these brochures (in full glossy color) are available on request and can be overprinted or stamped as required.

Customisation / Branding of Software

NCH Swift Sound can build a custom version of the IMS On-Hold Messages Player or IAP Announcement Player. This customisation makes the software point to your business which is good for your business if you are trying to create a brand image, and refers customers to you for more sales. The customisation include:

  • Your name and contact number on the Main Window .
  • You name, contact number, phone fax and email on the Main Help Screen and on the Professional Production Help Page. eg. For Professional Messages contact...
  • Your logo on the Main Window.
  • Your name on the startup "Splash Screen" (optionally with your own graphics)
This is what you will need to provide:
  • Your Business Name as your want it displayed.
  • Your contact details (phone, fax, email web address).
  • Startup Splash Logo (about 256 x 256 size) 16 color bitmap (bmp file).
  • Icon 32 x 32 16 color icon (ico or bmp file) THIS MUST BE EXACT.
  • Icon 16 x 16 16 color icon (ico or bmp file) THIS MUST BE EXACT.
Wholesale and Blanket license Pricing (Resellers Only)

The prices which you pay to NCH Swift Sound are set out below. You may charge your customers as you wish (eg. Rental or Purchase). At the moment we do not set recommended retail pricing as is might depend on the nature of the client and their ability to pay you.

Fee for Customization / Branding of Software

This includes incorporating your spash screen, your name and phone number on main window, your name and phone number on the main help screen, your logo as the icon for the software and some other references to you.

Customizing SoftwarePer Software Application
Initial Fee$US185
Future Update Fee$US45

Option 1 - Blanket license for Unlimited Use in a Country / State

Under this option you pay a monthly fee to have an unlimited blanket license to use the software for your own clients. All applications (the IMS and IAP) can be used under this license. It includes full email technical support and upgrades for all major versions of the software.

TerritorySetup FeeMonthly Fee
USA National$US185$US145pm
USA Single State$US185$US55pm
Australia National$A285$A185pm
Australia Single State$A285$A95pm
Canada National$Cdn285$Cdn185pm
Canada Single Province$Cdn285$Cdn95pm
UK NationalGBP185GBP85pm
South Africa National$US185$US45pm
Mexico National$US185$US95pm
Other Country$US285$US95pm

Discounts apply for payment 6 months in advance (10%) or 12 months in advance (20%).

Important: You may use this blanket license only for clients for whom your own company provides other services. You may not on-sell the registrations obtained under a blanket license to resellers. You may not sell registrations obtained under a blanket license alone.

Blanket licenses are most suitable because you can supply an unlimited number of licenses and they are easy to use.

Option 2 - Reseller Discount

This option only applies if you do not purchase a blanket license (see option 1).

If you wish to sell licenses of our software to your customers (not for your own use), we will open an account which will give you 20% discount on the online discounted prices (which is 120% on the normal RRP).

Option 3 - Bulk Purchase Discount

This option only applies if you do not purchase a blanket license (see option 1) and you purchase more than 5 licenses at one time.

If you supply a customer with more that 5 locations or supply more than 5 customers at once, this offers further discounts on the standard online price.

5 - 2030%
20 - 5040%

Promotional Generic Version Free

You may distribute your customised generic install version free (on disk or on your web site). This restricted version can be useful as a promotional device.

I-Producer CD, Cassette and other Mixes free

You may use the I-Producer to create CD Mixes (etc.) free so long as your customer is not located in the Australian Capital Territory or South East New South Wales.

Registration and Payment

To register a license for a client, you use the name of the client and the street address including the post code or zip on the NCH Swift Sound Online Reseller Registration Form. (NCH Swift Sound undertakes to keep this information confidential).

Unless otherwise arranged, payment must be made in advance by Visa, Mastercard or American Express at You must agree to being automatically billed every 3 months. Payments are banked in Australian Dollars and you should allow +/- 3% to allow for short term currency fluctuations for foreign currency amounts.

Software Development and Special Requirements

If you want a special feature added to the IMS, IAP or VRS which you believe would help you or your clients, please contact us. We often make modifications to the software to suite business requirements free of charge.

Website Affiliate Program

If you run a website, you can sell the IMS, IAP or any other NCH Swift Sound software application by linking to our online registration system. You will automatically receive payment from users of your site depending on the mark-up which you determine from 20% to 120%. If you sell other services, you can also use the sales as an opportunity to promote your own services by sending them an email about what you do with the receipt.

In order to do this, your business must be able to accept payment by credit card. When a customer purchases a software registration through your site, you will receive their credit card details directly.

To link to like your affiliate page to our registration system use HTML code like this:

<A HREF=" ims& y&refmu=50">Register Software Now</A>

The fields are:
software= The type of software to be registered ims, iap or vrs (eg. ims). Omit this field is you want to offer all our software.
refemail= Your email address. The payment details will be sent to this email.
refname= The name of your business. This will appear on the correspondence with the customer. Replace spaces with %20.
refmu= Your selected marked in percent between 20 and 120 (eg. 50). We automatically discount our prices by 20%, then add your mark up.


  1. NCH Swift Sound will not be liable for any loss arising out of the use of this software including, but not limited to, any special, incidental or consequential loss.
  2. If you distribute the software to third parties it must be with the warning in the previous clause. You will indemnify NCH Swift Sound in full for any loss of any third party arising out of use of the software.
  3. You must use the I-Producer, IMS On-Hold Messages and IAP Announcement Player only for locations for which you have been registered by NCH Swift Sound.
  4. Registrations must be installed within 28 days from the date of registration.
  5. Unless otherwise advised by NCH Swift Sound in writing, the area the licenses can apply includes the whole world except the Australian Capital Territory.
  6. All payments under this agreement must be made by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Payments will be processed in Australian Dollars. Allow +/- 3% for short currency fluctuations. By providing us with your credit card, you authorise us to charge to your credit cards all amounts due under this reseller agreement and any other amount you agree to pay. You also authorise us to charge the ongoing blanket license fees to your card every 3 months until this agreement is terminated in writing.
  7. Termination of this agreement must be with 3 months notice and in writing (signed).
  8. If NCH Swift Sound receives information which indicates a breach of the above terms, NCH Swift Sound may appoint an independent auditor at your cost.
  9. Pricing may vary from time to time.
  10. The law of the Australian Capital Territory and the Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory apply to this agreement.
Become a I-Partner today

To proceed to become a reseller / producer please print this document then sign and fax it to +61 2 62511887.



on behalf of:
(Business Name)

If you need any further information, please email NCH Swift Sound at

NCH Swift Sound Mail: 7 Dines Place, Bruce ACT 2617, Australia Phone: +61 2 6251 1889 Fax: +61 2 6251 1887 Email:

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