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What is the maximum duration for recording with SoundTap?

We do not recommend making long, continuous recordings to a single audio file. Firstly, there can be a technical limitation to the maximum file size permitted. This is imposed by the file system used on the hard drive. For example, in a FAT32 file system on Windows there is a 4GB limit. However, most computers these days are set up with NTFS file systems and no such limit is imposed.

Secondly, there are a number of practical reasons why files of this size and duration are not helpful. It is very difficult to edit a recording of this size, and the file may in fact be too large to load into sound editing software. Plus if the audio file needs to be sent to a third party - as an email attachment, for example - it will be humungous, and will probably be barred by most mail servers due to its size.


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