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Paid Technical Support - Reasonable Service Terms

NCH Software offers support packages when you purchase our products

  1. When you buy a support package it means if you have any difficulty using one of our products our technicians will do their best to try to help you resolve the problem.

  2. This does not mean the technician will setup your computer or the product for you. It means only that they will help when problems arise.

  3. It also does not guarantee that they will be able to solve all problems. It means only that they will do their best.

  4. Our technicians will only address support questions that directly relate to the current version of our products. It is not a general consulting service covering general matter relating to your computer or other products.

  5. Our support packages are not unlimited. Support packages are intended to reflect normal reasonable requirements.

  6. Any support package is limited to the person who purchased and locked to their email address. Support packages are not transferable. Unused support packages are not refundable.

  7. Any support is provided on the basis that, while we make every effort to provide you the correct information, we will not be liable for any loss that might arise if we accidentally provide wrong information. If you are engaging in activity which could cause serious loss if things go wrong you must retain another computer professional consultant to validate and test the systems well before use.

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