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  • Presales Questions
    Questions before downloading. To contact our sales staff with questions about what our programs do please submit your question using the link on the bottom of the product's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

  • Technical Support
    Questions after installing. For all technical related questions where you need to contact a support agent, please use the link on the bottom of the product's 'Support' page.

  • Registration and Licensing Support
    For issues relating to your software license, see use the link on the bottom of the registration support page or click on the link above.

  • Accounts and Billing
    If you have questions about a recent online purchase including discrepancies with billing please click on the above link and use the contact form.

  • Refunds
    For information on our software and hardware refund policies.

  • Reseller Inquiries
    If you wish to become a reseller or affiliate of any NCH Software applications.

  • Corporate Sales Inquiries
    If you need a sales quotation for a large number of software licenses for your organization.

  • Press Inquiries
    For press related details on our company, software and recent press releases.

By Phone

Platinum Support Line (paid customers only):
  • USA, Canada and rest of Americas: 720-627-7145
  • UK, Ireland, Europe and Africa: 44 203 318 4828
  • Australia/New Zealand: 61 3 8518 4096
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If you are not a platinum support customer, please contact us by email using one of our contact forms.

By Fax

Please do not send through refund requests, purchase orders or sales requests to this fax number unless instructed to do so before hand by our support team. You may use the links above to send through sales requests and questions.


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