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What is a "Dictation Cancel and Recover Notice" and/or dcan*.dct file?


A "Dictation Cancel and Recover Notice", or dcan*.dct file, is a request from an Express Dictate user to an Express Scribe user to ignore a previously sent dictation. ie. Cancel a transcription request.


After sending a dictation from Express Dictate to a recipient, it may be possible to "undo" the send action by using the Dictation -> Recover Sent Dictations menu item in Express Dictate . When the Recover button or File -> Recover menu item are used in Express Dictate's Recover Sent Dictations dialog, the following events take place:

  1. A "Dictation Cancel and Recover Notice" is automatically sent to the recipient of the dictation. (Note that these are sent using the same Send Method as the corresponding dictation, and therefore may be either uploaded to the recipients file system directly or sent as an email with an attachment).
  2. The selected dictation is moved from the Recover Sent Dictations dialog back to the main Express Dictate dictation list.

The purpose of the "Dictation Cancel and Recover Notice" is to notify the original recipient of the dictation that a transcript is no longer required. Therefore, when Express Scribe loads a dcan*.dct file, the follow events take place:

  1. The dcan*.dct file is used to determine which dictation is no longer needed and the typist is given the option of deleting that dictation from Express Scribe .
  2. The dcan*.dct file itself is automatically deleted. (Note that if it was received as an email attachment then neither the email nor it's attachment will be deleted).

If a "Dictation Cancel and Recover Notice" is sent to a typist who does not use Express Scribe , or the typist has already removed the corresponding dictation from their system, the dcan*.dct file will not be automatically deleted.

If you are sure that a dcan*.dct file is no longer needed then you may safely delete it from your system manually.


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