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Est-il possible de partager les raccourcis avec d'autres utilisateurs ?

There are two methods of sharing your shortcuts with other people.

  1. You can save your shortcuts, share the file and share it with others to load. For more information on this process, please view the Importing Shortcuts From a File FAQ.
  2. If you have a Business License, you also have the option of creating a file on the network that all users in your organization may use.
    1. Place the file containing the common shortcuts in your organization on the network
    2. Share the location with all FastFox users
    3. Each user will need to do the following:
      • Click the Options button on the toolbar in FastFox
      • Go to the Shared Shortcuts tab
      • Select the checkbox next to Enable shared shortcuts
      • Navigate to the network file
      • If the file is password protected, enter the password
      • Click the OK button

Please note: The default setting in FastFox is for personal shortcuts to override shared shortcuts. If you would like the shared shortcuts to override the personal shortcuts, please select the checkbox next to Shared shortcuts override personal shortcuts on the Shared Shortcuts tab of the Options window.


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