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No sound plays on hold

1. Have you selected the sound card as required? Click on settings and select from the pull down list.  Set the volume level to 12db for test purposes.  If you expect to use a sound card but no sound card is displayed on the pull down list, check that the Windows Sound Drivers provided with the Sound Card have been installed.  Refer to the documentation provided with the sound card.

2. Have you loaded messages and music? If messages have been correctly loaded, the message names should appear in the "Messages" list on the main IMS window.  If no messages are displayed, try to load the messages again.  See Loading new messages.

3. Is the Line Isolation Unit plugged into the correct socket of the sound card? Usually it is the socket marked "SPK" or "OUT".

If all of the above have been checked try plugging earphones or speakers into the sound card "SPK" or "OUT" socket.  If the on hold messages plays through the earphones or speakers then the problem lies with the Line Isolation Unit or the Telephone System.  Contact your telephone system supplier for more help.


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