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Can IVM put calls on-hold or be used with IMS?

If your office has a PBX (a telephone system) then Yes. Run the IMS On-Hold Messages Player on the same computer as IVM.  Connect the Sound Card Speaker output to the MOH port on your office PBX. Calls will then be played on-hold messages when on-hold or being transferred.

If your are connecting to phone lines directly, you can create pseudo-on-hold by creating an OGM with "on-hold messages" and follow the instructions under the "How To Guide" of IVM Help: "How to Pick-up Call using Same Line (pseudo-transfer)".

You cannot have on-hold messages or music while a call is being transferred on an outside line (the caller is in the hands of the telephone company).

For a list of companies who produce on-hold messages professionally, please see On Hold Messages Production Producers.


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