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Can IVM accept faxes using fax machines?

There are three main ways we support Fax machines in IVM. They are:

1. Install the fax machine on a separate telephone line that is not handled by IVM. The is our preferred solution.
2. Connect IVM to the phone line of your fax machine.  When the line is answered the fax machine will detect the fax tones a preempt the call from IVM. Please note this is highly dependant of the fax machine.
3. IVM turns on your fax machine using a dial sequence that it dials the moment it detects a fax tone.  Refer to your fax machine manual.  You will find that you can usually turn on the fax feature if you hear fax tones on the line by dialing digits.  From the Devices tab of Settings, select the "Dial [] then hang up" option and enter the digits that are required by your fax machine.


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