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What hardware do I need to have to use IVM?

You must have a Windows PC computer (Windows 98 or later) and a voice modem with TAPI compliant wave drivers.  IVM can also be used with professional telephony cards or USB devices like CAHTA which have a specific driver for IVM or if they are TAPI compliant.  For VoIP systems you may need an FXO.

Is my modem a voice modem? If your present modem is a voice modem then you will be told so in the description of the modem.  Refer to the manual of your modem.  Often the wave drivers have not been installed.  Go to the Windows Control Panel double click on the Multimedia and pull down the "Audio - Sound Playback" list.  Your voice modem should be listed.  If it is not listed then voice modem wave drivers have not been installed.  See for more information about specific modems.

Where can I purchase a voice modem? You can normally purchase this type of modem from your local computer shop.  Voice modems vary greatly in quality and if possible you should try to test the modem with IVM before purchasing.  See for more information about specific modems and a list of online suppliers of voice modems. Not all modems are automatically installed with modem drivers that are 100% TAPI compliant.  Often you need to manually install the drivers that are obtained on the installation disk or obtained from the manufacturer's web-site.  You might need some technical support from your local computer shop in finding and installing the drivers.


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