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Call transfer fails or does not work as it should

If you have problems transferring calls with IVM, make sure you are able to transfer correctly using an ordinary analog telephone connected to the extension IVM normally uses.  (By ordinary analog telephone we mean a normal phone - not a handset of your phone system).  That tests the transfer does work and makes sure you correctly understand the sequence.

Transfer Settings.
From the Transfer / Record tab of Settings check the transfer setting exactly match what you did when you attempted a transfer with the ordinary phone.

Hook Flash Timing.
 The other possible problem with transfers that use a hook flash, is that different countries and different phone systems can require different flash times.  Check your phone system manual for the correct flash time or ask your telephone company (if you are not using a phone system).  For professional telephony cards, you can usually set the flash time using the Configure Hardware Box. (Use Settings / Devices / Properties / Configure).

 For voice modems you can add the Extra Setting S29=X where X is the flash time in tenths of a second.  Add the S29=1 setting to the "Extra Settings" for the modem (Settings / Devices / Properties / Configure / Connection / Advanced / Extra Settings).  Apparently some other modems (including Zoom modems) require +VTD to be set for all of the tones generated, including the flash-hook.  Often the default is 0.10 seconds which isn't long enough for some flash transfers.  If you are game you can attempt edit the modem registry settings and change the default to 0.70. The only negative side is that the modem sends ALL tones at this slow rate.   We are advised by Creative Technical Support that you cannot change the flash-hook time on Creative modems.

Dial Timing.  Sometimes IVM dials too quickly for the PBX, in that case you may need to insert a pause (',') or (',,,') using commas after the flash character ('!') and after the dialed digits.


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