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IVM Answering Attendant Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About IVM Answering Attendant".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 6 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

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Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 5.12

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2015-04-17

Version 5.11

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2015-04-15

Version 5.10

Windows Release
  • Maintenance release
  • Uploaded 2015-04-17

Version 5.04

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Added cross-application CAHTA locking (to prevent multiple applications from attempting to use the CAHTA telephony device)
  • Added Network Setup Wizard to the setup wizard so that external network settings are detected
  • Fixed problem on OGM Manager 'Graphical' tab where New OGM picture appeared in same location every time
  • Fixed Text to Speech not working correctly in cases with non-ANSI characters
  • Fixed "Rename OGM/Folder" and "Create New Folder" on OGM Manager 'List' tab not working correctly if user pressed Enter to finish rename
  • Fixed installation of download-on-demand speech component "spchrecotools.exe" sometimes taking longer than the timeout allowed
  • Fixed bug that prevented use of command line calls to operate IVM
  • Fixed some hardware lines being missed from the list of available lines in the Initial Setup Wizard
  • Fixed outbound caller ID not being available on hardware line calls
  • Fixed outbound calls not detecting answer machine correctly
  • Fixed issue where outbound calls were started one every 5 seconds. This allows more simultaneous calls with less delay
  • Fixed bugs with outbound calls that prevented passing variables to the call, or overriding the default answer OGMs for a call
  • Fixed attempt counts and next attempt time for outbound calls not being stored and used correctly
  • Fixed message notification (dial to PBX) not being handled correctly if outbound dialing was not enabled/configured
  • Fixed some CAHTA telephony board issues:
  • Line In Use indicator was not clearing in some cases when hanging up a line
  • Fixed Outbound calls not setting the caller ID for messages correctly
  • 'Hardware Line Properties - End-of-Call Detect Delay' not working
  • Fixed minor grammar/UI issues
  • Fixed 'Mailbox Messages Notification' sometimes taking a while to start after a message was received/checked
  • Fixed error message not being displayed when mail sending failed
  • Fixed issue where the only sound output device that could be selected was "[Default Sound Out]"
  • Fixed inability to play external OGM message in mp3 from the OGM Properties 'Messages' tab
  • Fixed 'Play Outgoing-Message' option always playing default OGM regardless of what the OGM had configured
  • Fixed bug where hitting Enter/Escape while renaming a folder or OGM also closed the window or opened the 'Properties' dialog
  • Improved validation for static IP addresses
  • Improved several Help file items
  • Revised tollsaver features to be more obvious and well documented
  • Uploaded 2010-11-25

Version 5.03

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Added speech commands (for TAPI, VoIP and Call Simulator; CAHTA is not currently supported)
  • Added additional log messages for email issues, added test email functionality
  • Added a horizontal grabber to allow resizing of the log window portion of the user interface
  • Added handlers for qop authentication (auth/auth-init)
  • Added hot key information to message right-click menu
  • Added ability to prevent leaving a message for a non-existent mailbox
  • Changed message browsing pages to allow in browser playback through the JavaScript media player control (Windows Media Player plugin)
  • Changed OGM list and property weblet pages to use the embedded media player control
  • Changed auto-delete to occur sooner than 1 hour after IVM starts (happens every hour, but first run is after 5 minutes)
  • Fixed problems with wizard/auto-configuration leaving IVM in a less than usable state in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue where unknown caller blocking is too restrictive
  • Fixed several issues with call screening display
  • Fixed Settings - Audio - "Delete Message after [Days]" not working
  • Fixed bug where IVM could generate a corrupted IVR file if MP3 compression was used and the component was not already installed
  • Fixed issue with CAHTA device where it occasionally hung up during a call transfer
  • Fixed some layout issues
  • Resolved speech recognition component not installing correctly
  • Uploaded 2010-06-10

Version 5.02

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Changed setup wizard; similar concepts are used, but flow is completely revamped
  • Fixed corruption problem with downloads of IVM software installation file
  • Fixed inoperative "Format" and "Attributes" default recording settings in Wave Encoder Options dialog
  • Fixed IVM icon changing to red at the end of an incoming call instead of at start of new incoming call
  • Fixed web interface failures
  • Fixed registration issue with number of simultaneous calls allowed on a VoIP line
  • Fixed registration failures with 3 month old keys
  • Fixed more broken links in Help
  • Removed "Click OK to confirm the answering mode to be turned On" confirmation dialog (confirmation dialog retained for turning answering mode off)
  • Uploaded 2009-08-18

Version 5.01

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Added back previous GUI functionality (slightly revamped) after IVM v5.00 weblet was deemed insufficient to replace it
  • Added Tool Tip for the "On/Off' button on the main IVM window
  • Added a Stop button to the controls for the mailbox messages list
  • Changed NCH logo to updated version
  • Changed OGM Manager's "New" button to look less like a Stop button
  • Fixed Mailbox listbox and Default OGM combobox not being populated immediately after installation
  • Fixed mailbox icon not changing to "Unread messages in mailbox" when new message received
  • Fixed "Start outbound autodial calls.." dialog option on File menu
  • Fixed steps being missed by installation wizard when first run
  • Fixed several OGM "Key Response" issues
  • Fixed Voice silence detect time resetting to 800ms in Call Answer Detect Settings dialog
  • Fixed problem with messages less than the minimum voice mail length not showing in messages list but existing in the mailbox
  • Fixed problem where accessing Axon Web control while using IVM web control on a different tab of the same browser cancels the IVM web user session
  • Fixed load failures of pre-installer IVR "Fax back service" file
  • Fixed issue causing registration failures
  • Fixed inbound call failures
  • Fixed problem with automatically installed Axon lines 198 and 199 (IVM "Unable to find address of server")
  • Fixed broken links in Help
  • Uploaded 2009-08-01

Version 5.00

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Added weblet interface to replace previous GUI functionality
  • Added provisioner wizard (InPhonex trial) code
  • Fixed TAPI modem bug (could not use TAPI in last release)
  • Fixed validation on various user inputs to prevent the acceptance of character (non-numeric) data for numeric data fields
  • Fixed 120dpi display issues
  • Fixed positioning of software on desktop immediately after the installation
  • Fixed default reply email
  • Fixed CID not flashing or announcing
  • Fixed restart server button
  • Fixed log problem when "Call Disconnected" on Call Simulator
  • Fixed inability to choose "Default Answer OGM" if the OGM is in a folder
  • Fixed hotkey 'Ctrl+W' not working in main window
  • Fixed issues with call simulator crashing occasionally
  • Fixed Setup Wizard -> VoiP Settings -> simultaneous calls
  • Fixed IVR Profile-> OGM properties-> Key Response Settings not allowing use of variables for Active Commands
  • Fixed bug with startup of example IVR programs within folders.
  • Fixed issues with OGM configuration and Mailbox Properties in weblet interface
  • Fixed plugin download failures
  • Fixed VoIP telephony settings not allowing application of settings or addition of a new line
  • Fixed hyperlinks of Quick Start Guide so they open in a new window
  • Fixed hotkey 'F1' not working
  • Fixed 'IVM Example IVR Files' Help button
  • Fixed broken links in Help pages
  • Uploaded 2009-07-06

Version 4.23

Windows German-language Version Release:
  • Changed all 'Ctrl' text instances to read 'Strg' (language specific)
  • Fixed operation of buttons on Call simulator.
  • Fixed various sizing and layout problems in GUI and dialogs
  • Fixed problem with CID not flashing or announcing.
  • Fixed -exit flag being wrongly interpreted as a 'Load IVR' action
  • Fixed grammatical errors in Help file
  • Fixed "ivmsetup.exe" installation file size (was 5 times larger than English-language version)
  • Uploaded 2009-05-19

Version 4.22

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Fixed Settings -> Caller ID -> "Disconnect the call immediately"
  • Fixed validation of "Answer calls after number of rings" to accept numeric data only
  • Fixed validation of fields in Settings -> Audio to accept numeric data only
  • Fixed validation of OGM Properties End-of-Message to accept numeric data only for 'Wait' and 'Repeat'
  • Fixed validation of OGM Properties Key Response for Data Entry to accept numeric data only for 'Minimum Digits' and 'Maximum Digits'
  • Fixed validation of 'Automatic Regular Update Check and Download' on Direct Remote Download dialog to accept numeric data only for 'Check Interval (minutes)'
  • Uploaded 2009-05-09

Version 4.21

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Changed links in 'IVM Overview' Help page to open in a new window
  • Fixed IVM creating extremely large temp files
  • Fixed poor quality after the third inbound caller
  • Fixed problem of not recognizing hangup tone from CallURL telephony boards
  • Fixed Auto-hours
  • Fixed Settings -> Telephony -> Add New SIP based VoIP Account
  • Fixed main window dimension less than minimal when resizing for first time
  • Fixed Outbound Message playing incorrectly
  • Fixed OGM message not playing in the Simulator, or playing just a short part of the message
  • Removed 2 second delay from "IVM Example IVR Files" dialog when it appears for the first time after installation
  • Uploaded 2009-05-02

Version 4.20

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Added maximum record time to General Tab. Allows the default or other (similar to minimum record time)
  • Added minimum number of digits to Data Entry (variable) section of Key Response tab for OGMs
  • Added system backup option to create IVR save file with all items included. (OGMs, Mailboxes, System Prompts, Plugins, Notes, Start OGM)
  • Added ability to save all Registry settings within IVR file
  • Added the ability to require mailbox ID and PIN, as well as just PIN, or nothing (these require numeric mailbox names - e.g. '100', not 'Mailbox 100')
  • Changed IVR flow to be more professional, and improved flexibility of sample IVRs
  • Changed general menu structure to reduce redundancy and improve the user experience
  • Changed the general flow of setting-up IVM for the first time. Made examples closer to real world use to assist user with getting as close as possible on the first try
  • Changed Advanced Save dialog to use check lists rather than selection lists
  • Changed save settings to refresh each time to allow consistent behaviour (previously some save settings were retained across saves while others were lost)
  • Fixed broken links in Help pages
  • Fixed prompt for restart after changing Service settings
  • Fixed license and registration issues
  • Uploaded 2009-02-02

Version 4.11

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Added Help for Digit Mapping dialog
  • Fixed Pause command not working while playing OGM greeting or wav/mp3 file on real SIP line
  • Fixed issue when software expired
  • Fixed variable OGM not showing in "Go to OGM"
  • Uploaded 2008-06-10

Version 4.10

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Added a new dialog that allows the user to select from a short list of example systems. This dialog will pop up when IVM is first installed and can also be accessed from the menus
  • Changed llib so that IVM has the 'Telephony' service listed as a dependency in the Windows Services manager
  • Fixed problem where dialing out on CAHTA (Synway) telephony device would fail if the user did not have a phone line plugged into the first line socket. (It will now detect the first available physically connected line and use that)
  • Fixed bug where you could not enable/disable the web server
  • Fixed bug where, if user set option to delete mailbox message after email forwarding, the messages didn't delete.
  • Fixed a couple of broken links in the Help documentation
  • Fixed some minor visual and UI glitches
  • Uploaded 2008-05-29

Version 4.09

Linux Version Release:
  • First release of IVM Answering Attendant for Linux platforms
  • Uploaded 2008-05-02

Version 4.08

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Fixed bug with TAPI initialize hanging (and consequential GUI hanging too)
  • Uploaded 2008-02-18

Version 4.07

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Fixed bug with VoIP transfers
  • Fixed icons on Save IVR dialog
  • Fixed URI encoding for CallID for Replaces field on REFER packets
  • Synway structure for MakeCall finalised (hardware-based auto-answer detection is removed; now using software-based detection only)
  • Uploaded 2008-02-08

Version 4.06

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Added ability to delete multiple mailboxes
  • Added ability to load a csv file into the Settings > Caller ID > Caller Blocking section
  • Added Up/Down control to Settings > General > High Pass Filter
  • Added ring setting and tollsaver into the Telephony Line properties (can now configure on a line-by-line basis)
  • Added shortcut for launching OGM manager
  • Added time validator on outbound dialer
  • Changed high pass filter in Settings > General to use LSPHighPassIIR2 because LSPHighPass does not seem to work very well
  • Changed Mailbox Properties > Delivery tab > FTP > 'password' field to password format
  • Changed shortcut for playing voice messages (it was the same as for playing OGM audio)
  • Converted BGTask::SendEmail over to the llib code emailsendbg.h
  • Email template bodies and subjects can now be configured on a per-mailbox basis
  • Exposed the AGC effect in the GUI (it's on by default, but user can switch it off if preferred)
  • Fixed bug where CID was not saved in Settings > Caller ID > text box
  • Fixed bug where text-based (non-csv) block lists would crash the program under certain scenarios
  • Fixed bug where you could not close the PlayDlg when playing voice messages
  • Fixed bug where setting minimum length for discarding voice messages did not work (it always used the default value)
  • Fixed up some misleading ringing messages in the logs
  • Fixed up wording on Default IVR script
  • Implemented tollsaver on a per-mailbox basis (it captures the CallerID and checks for a mailbox with a matching ID)
  • Improved error reporting for RecordDlg - if it cannot start the play/record devices, it will say so
  • Removed editing of email body text from the 'Send Message by Email' dialog (email body should be edited in Email Settings only)
  • Uploaded 2008-02-04

Version 4.05

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Adjusted code to work with the Listviews
  • Changed Logs, Plugins & IVR Advanced dialogs to Listviews
  • Fixed autohours option 'Increase number of rings' which resulted in incorrect logging message saying call was not answered
  • Fixed bug where plugins would not return in the IVM release build
  • Fixed bug where the values of plugin variables could not overwritten (i.e. you could only set them once)
  • Fixed issue where browsing for plugins from the OGM properties didn't work if the existing plugin path had "" around it
  • Fixed a few bugs with saving IVR files
  • Fixed issue with log window buttons not working
  • Fixed issue with IVM trying to determine line types and getting it wrong (this affected the outbound dialer amongst other things)
  • Fixed bug with folders/sub-folders/sub-OGMs not being removed when doing a File > New > IVR Program or when loading IVRs set to perform an auto-delete
  • Removed dotgraph component (graphical report) from the project (the OGM manager graphical layout supercedes it)
  • Updated Help documentation
  • Uploaded 2007-12-03

Version 4.04

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • A good chunk of menus and other controls are now dynamically generated
  • Added ability to run plugins in an OGM without requiring any playback of audio
  • Added ability to invoke a GUI program as a plugin
  • Added ability to enable/disable OGMs (for those who need extra OGMs configured but don't want to exceed license restrictions)
  • Adjusted the graphical OGM layout algorithm to make it a bit better and a bit faster
  • IVM Settings converted to lxa
  • Fixed issues with the service not installing properly under Vista
  • Fixed loading IVR from FTP download
  • Fixed bug with auto-loading of IVR files from the network
  • Fixed bug where changing the web server port didn't actually change it
  • Fixed broken shortcut keys & buttons
  • Fixed bug with authenticated SMTP email sending
  • Fixed bug with transfers not working [CAHTA/Synway]
  • Fixed issue where caller ID was only obtained upon call connect and not after the 2nd ring [CAHTA/Synway]
  • Fixed issue where DID was not being properly stored in the LLine structure [CAHTA/Synway][CallURL]
  • Removed the old graphical OGM report feature as an option in the OGM manager (now replaced by new graphical layout)
  • Uploaded 2007-11-14

Version 4.03

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • Allows email authentication
  • Uses the Default mailbox if mailbox name is blank
  • Refreshes maindialog list of mailboxes when mailboxes are changed from Settings
  • Restart engine only on telephony changes
  • Added SSL for sending emails (new option on Email Settings dialog)
  • Fixed button enabling in OGM Manager (resolves a number of problems)
  • Fixed Outbound list truncation problem
  • Fixed Outbound list handling memory leak
  • Fixed overlapped controls on RecordDlg
  • Updated CAHTA/Synway library
  • Uploaded 2007-07-24

Version 4.02

Windows Upgrade Release:
  • email functionality improved
  • Synway compatibility improved
  • Web control panel's audio functionalities improved
  • Uploaded 2007-03-13
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