My Modem or Telephony Board is not listed as a valid telephony device

Is your modem or telephony device listed as a telephony device? Are you attempting to use a voice modem under Windows NT4?

For Voice Modems:

  1. Check that you have installed the modem's drivers from the CD it came with - Windows plug and play has been known to install the wrong driver with voice modems.
  2. If you did not install the modem using the CD drivers, please Uninstall your current drivers, open the start menu, choose control panel -> phone and modem options -> modems, then select your modem and click "remove".
  3. Install the modems drivers from your disc.
  4. Restart your computer
For more information on this please see Uninstall and then Reinstall a Modem

If the modem still doesn't work you may be using the wrong drivers for your operating system.

  1. Open the control panel again, and select system -> hardware -> device manager and select modem.
  2. Right click your modem and select properties -> driver -> update driver.
  3. Now choose "install from a list or specific location", click next, and then "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install". Choose the correct driver and restart the computer (Not all drivers provide information on the operating system they work with, so you may need to test several drivers).
If none of the previous steps have helped, you will need to contact your modem manufacturer for more information.

Note: All the steps mentioned above are designed for use with Windows XP. Other versions of Windows may require a slightly different process to set up your modem.

For Telephony Boards:

Some issues with telephony boards are caused by BIOS conflicts. In this case the board will not install properly or your PC will start rebooting erratically or failing to boot at all. The system may also operate very slowly.

In this case please refer to Resolving Hardware Conflicts (ie. BIOS Conflicts).

You must ensure that the multimedia driver has been installed for your board (in some cases this is referred to as a Wave driver).

For more details please refer to the install guide for your board: