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Telephone Messages on Hold

On Hold Message Recording Service

NCH Swift Sound specialises in the scripting, voicing and production of Telephone On Hold Messages.

On Hold Messages can be used by your business to keep callers informed, promote products, enhance business reputation and provide useful information, or educate callers who are on hold or being transfered. When a caller is on hold, that is your chance to tell them what you do, how you do it, affiliated services and a little about your history. That way your customers are much less likely to hang up when they are on hold and you get your message across, gain further respect, and with any luck make that extra sale.

The NCH On Hold Message Service includes everything needed for a complete On Hold Message Package for your business:

  • Creative scripting;
  • Professional voicing;
  • Music licences;
  • Studio production;
  • Digital messaging equipment;
  • Delivery; and,
  • Technical and installation support.
We aim to produce a quality product with an emphasis on precise and effective scripting, trained voice talent, a selection of good music, an all digital studio and state of the art messaging equipment.

P R O D U C T I O N ~ O P T I O N S

Creative Scripting: We prepare a draft script after discussing you business with you. We ensure that your script reflects your business image and is an effective marketing and information tool. To view some of our client's scripts as examples of the material which you could have on-hold please click here.

Professional Voices: At NCH Swift Sound we use professional trained voice over talent. The voices are selected to be clear on the telephone. Your messages sound professional and can be easily listened to. We select the voice to suit your business and your target clients. Unless you have a special preference, we use both male and female voices on your messages to ensure variety to hold the caller's attention longer. For more information, and to download voice samples please click here.

Music: A selection of music is available, or we can use your jingle. We have negotiated agreements with the major record companies to licence published music - that is almost any music.

Digital Recording Studio: Our fully digital studio ensures quality audio with power processing for telephone. Power Processing includes 23 bit signal processing, range compression, preemptive noise gates and preemptive band enhancement.

Service: Our service includes scripting, professional voicing, recording, studio production, music licences, installation, equipment hire and equipment and service maintenance. We will negotiate directly with your telephone system supplier to ensure proper installation of the on-hold service. After we have produced your on hold messages we provide you with full support to ensure that your on hold messages are operational as soon as possible.

E Q U I P M E N T ~ O P T I O N S

Intelligent Scheduled Messaging Unit A digital unit that stores messages which are interspersed and mixed with music. A useful feature of this system is that the messages and music can be scheduled to commence or expire on particular dates - ensuring that your messages are always fresh and up to date. The unit also gives you control to directly select or deselect the messages to be played and to vary the rotation rates of the messages.

With large storage capacity, high audio quality, low maintenance and the scheduling feature, this unit is ideal for businesses that wish to have a large volume of frequently changing material. It is also appropriate were you need direct and immediate control over the messages played.

Compact Discs We record your messages interspersed with music onto a compact disc which plays continuously to your callers. This is a high quality audio and robust messaging option.

The Intelligent Messaging Software (IMS) A computer software system that can utilise the small unused memory and processing power of a Windows based system offering the full power of the Intelligent Messaging System at very little cost. The software runs in the background of a Windows computer which can still be used for other tasks. Features of this software included scheduled commence and expiry dates, variable rotation rates and user control. If you wish, you can record your own short term messages which will be played with the professional messages. Messages can also be downloaded and changed by email.

T H E ~ R A T E ~ C A R D

Production (scripting, voicing, studio production and delivery)

Including ScriptingIf you provide script
Pay per Production*$185$155
1 update per year$14 per month$11 per month
2 updates per year$27 per month$24 per month
3 updates per year$36 per month$32 per month
4 updates per year$52 per month$48 per month
6 updates per year$74 per month$66 per month

* Importantly, the pay per production option ensures that you only pay for productions when you need them.

Equipment (only if required)

Professional Autostart CDIntelligent Messaging System
1 Year Service* and Rental$25 per month$20 per month
3 Year Service* and Rental$20 per month$17.50 per month

*Service includes full equipment replacement and helpline support and, in the case of the IMS, free software upgrades.

Establishment Fee

This is a once-off fee of $200 which covers the initial setup costs. You do not need to pay this for updates or future productions. This fee covers:

  • Consultation and advice on how to best use your service to target your clients including example scripts.
  • Initial Scripting.
  • Austel Approved Line Isolation unit if required.
  • Setup account including access to internet autoscript and a free link on our business index.

Multiple Location
For businesses with many locations each needing slightly different messages, significant discounts are available. For all locations after the first, there is a 25% discount on the production, 10% on the equipment and a 50% discount on the establishment fees.

Convert to NCH - Swift Sound
Where users are already running on hold messages but wish to change from another on hold message supplier to NCH Swift Sound, all of the establishment fees are waived.

Online Order
If you order by email now you receive a 10% on all initial costs including the production and the equipment. This is a limited time, online promotion and applies only if your order directly by email directly.

T O ~ O R D E R

Simply send us an email (CLICK HERE). Please give us your address and your Telephone Number. We will then contact you to discuss your business and how it could be best be promoted on hold.

A B O U T ~ U S

NCH Swift Sound has been operating for 7 years now. We have produced messages for a broad range of clients from small business, to national chains and government departments. We have been recommended by many telephone installers including Telstra and NEC. For more information about us including our contact details and our clients please click here. To view client references please click here.

D O W N L O A D ~ V O I C E ~ S A M P L E S

If you would like to hear some of the voices available at NCH Swift Sound we have sample audio files for you to download. Click here to listen to voice samples.

If you do not have a sound card, dial 02 62625850 and then enter code 1500 to listen to our on-hold messages audio sample.

F R E E ~ G E N E R I C ~ M E S S A G E S

If you only need generic messages (professionally voiced messages that apply to all businesses) you can download a free version of the IMS software that has free professionally voiced generic on hold messages and music tracks. The software lets you record your own short term user messages. Click Here for more information and to download the software and messages.

R E T A I L ~ A N D ~ D E A L E R S H I P S

NCH Swift Sound provides production and equipment services for other on-hold message service providers. We also offer dealer commission and support arrangements. If you would like more information about our wholesale production and equipment pricing, and our support service, please contact us by email at

For any further information please contact us

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