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Axon Agent Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About Axon Agent".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 6 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

Windows Download
Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 2.22

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2016-03-03

Version 2.21

  • Fixed AxonAgent - If removing of some digits from begin on number is required for dial, data for this number is not displayed on the 'Data' tab.
  • Done: add link to videotutorial to command bar
  • Added relay server functionality for allowing weblet to work on the web without a public IP
  • Fixed the versions 2.17 and 2.18 do not correctly update the System Status!
  • Done the 'Do not show this page next time' option is unnecessary on the 'Quick Start up Steps' page now.
  • Uploaded 2011-08-23

Version 2.20

  • Done add QuickStart video to Axon startup
  • Fixed PCM uncompressed codec doesn't work properly
  • Uploaded 2011-05-16

Version 2.19

  • Added CID passthrough on blind transfers. This is enabled by line for external lines in the advanced options.
  • Fixed issues that prevented line bridging from working when software tone detection was enabled.
  • Added a tutorial video to improve the chances that people can figure out how Axon works.
  • Uploaded 2011-04-01

Version 2.18

  • Fixed internal VM and IVR lose registration if external lines are modified
  • Fixed IP Blacklisting can be activated by a large number of stale registration requests
  • Fixed Help link on 'Axon Setup Wizard' page leads to 'Web Access'
  • Fixed can not delete group of extensions if result string is more than 260 characters
  • Fixed 'System status' page issues
  • Fixed 'Reset Password' page updated
  • Fixed Axon with Engine -> fails on the 10min Re-INVITE using Linksys
  • Improved IP blacklisting system to reduce the number of error messages displayed and reduce the number of service error emails sent to the admin
  • Fixed issue that could cause the internal IVR and VM to stop working in some cases
  • Fixed issue that caused video calls to fail when audio was being relayed through Axon
  • Uploaded 2011-01-25

Version 2.17

  • Added Cross-application CAHTA locking (to prevent multiple applications from attempting to use the CAHTA telephony device)
  • Added code to prevent extensions and external lines from sharing the same user name (to prevent conflicts)
  • Added referential integrity checking. Modifying or deleting an extension, external line, outbound dialing plan, or campaign will now either;
    • (a) update or delete references to the item, or
    • (b) notify the user of references that could not be deleted and prevented the item from being deleted
  • Fixed digits prepended to the CID being displayed to the log but not being passed to downstream clients (this prevented using the CID to return a call without adding a dial-out prefix to the number)
  • Fixed issue that allowed the user to modify Options dialog tabs while recording control was opened from the Prompts tab
  • Fixed problem with backup/restore not running correctly on XP and Win7
  • Fixed addition of new Agent only working after restarting Axon
  • Fixed issue where STUN could be enabled with no STUN server given
  • Fixed "Axon Auto Configuration" feature; Axon now opens firewall correctly whenever the Network Setup Wizard is run
  • Fixed problems with round robin hunt groups not working correctly in several cases
  • Fixed issue where call forwarding did not work correctly
  • Fixed call status not being cleared after some calls and this sometimes prevented round robin hunt groups from being dialed
  • Fixed dialer calls not applying dial rules if default dial on line was [Extension]
  • Fixed problem with Backup/Restore that prevented some settings from being saved and replaced
  • Fixed a bug that caused calls to internal calls (VM, IVR, and Carousel) to disconnect after 8 seconds because the SIP handshake failed
  • Improved brute-force security system to block penetration testing attacks. Added blacklisting for attacks that use REGISTER without authorization but do not attempt to authorize when prompted
  • Improved group properties in weblet to prevent users from losing settings when modifying extensions and delay times
  • Limited 'System Settings' tab - "Log every call in an ODBC SQL database" in Web Control panel to only allow sytem DSNs to be selected from a drop-down menu rather than a text entry
  • Moved recorder settings to System Settings tab and removed link from extension/external line properties that could lose settings when clicked
  • Resolved issue where Registry settings sometimes weren't saved completely during a system backup
  • Uploaded 2010-11-16

Version 2.16

  • Added ability to set the administrator email address and test email settings from the setup wizard
  • Added brute force attack management
  • Fixed 'Axon Auto Configuration' feature in Express Talk not working if server running Axon has Windows Firewall service enabled
  • Fixed issue with some SIP providers where authentication failed as a result of a quoted NC field
  • Fixed problems with dialer that caused long delays between failed calls
  • Fixed bug preventing audio compression from working when sending voice messages as emails
  • Fixed several Axon Agent issues
  • Uploaded 2010-07-08

Version 2.15

  • Added IP blacklisting capability to reduce the possibility of a brute force attack succeeding
  • Changed Setup Wizard and several other dialog windows to be modal
  • Fixed error with account registation
  • Fixed 'Axon Auto Configuration' feature in Express Talk not working if Axon server has Windows Firewall service enabled
  • Fixed 'Axon will attempt to start WebServer now' message blocking webserver's start
  • Fixed bug that allowed wizard to open Web Control panel when the webserver engine wasn't running
  • Uploaded 2010-05-31

Version 2.14

  • Added Axon Agent to Install Related Programs dialog (shown during installation)
  • Fixed continuous network leak that occurred when a blind transfer to a non-existent extension was made
  • Fixed bug causing crashes on Windows Server 2008 when qWAVE feature is not installed with Windows
  • Fixed rule not being added to Windows firewall for Agent Server Port(90).
  • Fixed incorrect status being reported for extensions
  • Fixed Emergency Number Mapping feature
  • Fixed problem with call Park/Unpark
  • Fixed broken Help links
  • Uploaded 2010-04-16

Version 2.13

  • Added 'Set Log Window Font Size' feature to View menu (available size options are 13pt, 18pt, and 22pt)
  • Added default call pickup timeout for campaigns
  • Added shortcut key for Options dialog on GUI
  • Changed backup/restore to handle dialer and voicemail settings and files.
  • Changed External Line configuration page to not reuse User/Password for both incoming and outgoing connections
  • Fixed validation on 'Run On Port' user input for Web Access to prevent the acceptance of character (non-numeric) data for this numeric data field
  • Fixed Axon only allowing one Agent at a time to connect (2nd Agent received "Login failed" error)
  • Fixed playing of messages from internal Axon mailbox with web browser
  • Fixed problem with opening Web Control panel immediately after installation.
  • Fixed incorrect detection of Private and Public IP
  • Fixed binding to NIC
  • Fixed settings changes in Options - Line Bridging not always producing a restart
  • Fixed failure to restore some Settings from Save Settings backup
  • Fixed errors about modems that aren't really modems (e.g. Bluetooth devices)
  • Updated Help and fixed broken link
  • Updated NCH logo
  • Uploaded 2010-01-27

Version 2.12

  • Added network discovery for integration with other telephony products (currently Express Talk only, but may be added to IVM, DialDictate, etc. in the future)
  • Added Axon Dialer functionality, using Axon Agent. This feature allows outbound calls to a group of numbers (campaign). Multiple agents are available for Axon Enterprise Edition; single agent is available for Axon Business Edition; free version gets none
  • Removed InPhonex provisioning wizard (per InPhonex)
  • Updated Help
  • Uploaded 2009-12-28

Version 2.11

  • Added auto-configuration of external lines
  • Fixed issue with auto-attendant prompts not being moved to the correct directory, preventing auto-attendant from working
  • Fixed missing Prompts
  • Fixed inoperative Help button in Provisioning Wizard dialog.
  • Fixed logo on Webpanel main page.
  • Removed software development link
  • Uploaded 2009-10-28

Version 2.10

  • Added qWAVE QoS for Vista+ OSs. This should reduce audio quality loss when relaying or recording through Axon
  • Fixed issue with FireFox browser doing unusual things on first page load after login. (Replacing page with image, connection lost, etc.)
  • Fixed display of QuickStart Guide
  • Fixed bugs in Weblet
  • Fixed poor quality audio
  • Uploaded 2009-09-25

Version 2.09

  • Added internal autoattendant system
  • Added ability play messages within the web browser
  • Added additional debugging information for provisioning wizard
  • Fixed issue where restarting Axon from the weblet caused internal voicemail to stop working
  • Fixed problem with installer not working on Pentium III and earlier processors
  • Uploaded 2009-09-21

Version 2.08

  • Added internal voicemail system
  • Added ability to restart Axon from the weblet
  • Added system settings to weblet
  • Added 'Prompts' tab to Options dialog on GUI for system voice prompts
  • Uploaded 2009-09-09

Version 2.07

  • Added option not to use an outbound server on external lines
  • Added QuickStart Guide "Skip to Main" at bottom of page
  • Changed the Setup Wizard so that the Provisioning Wizard is now included in it rather than opening separately
  • Fixed outbound calls to VoicePulse failing consistently
  • Fixed the Web Control Panel sometimes not working when opened from the Setup Wizard on a clean install
  • Fixed SIP test warning message on Vista refering to Allow/Cancel as Yes/No
  • Uploaded 2009-08-10

Version 2.06

  • Fixed addition of external lines in Axon Business Edition
  • Fixed batch editing of extensions
  • Fixed several problems with adding extensions and external lines, and editing extensions, in Web Control panel
  • Fixed validation of email address field
  • Fixed login to IVM removing user from Axon
  • Fixed and updated Help file
  • Uploaded 2009-08-03

Version 2.05

  • Fixed call transfer bug
  • Uploaded 2009-07-10

Version 2.04

  • Changed 'Axon Free Trial VoIP Line Wizard' to now check whether user has already provisioned a line with their selected provider (if so, it will give an error message and not let them continue)
  • Uploaded 2009-05-14

Version 2.03

  • Added 'Always relay audio' advanced option to Extension properties (to force RTP relay)
  • Added auto provisioning 'Axon Free Trail VoIP Line Wizard' to set up a free VoIP account with InPhonex
  • Added shortcut key "Ctrl+W" to text of Tool Tip for Web Control button
  • Changed heading of "Settings" to "options" in Help file
  • Fixed issue with session expired message while accessing weblet remotely
  • Fixed loss of CID in Line Bridging
  • Fixed sorting by Extension number and Extension Name in columns of web control panel's System Status tab
  • Fixed typo in Startup Configuration window of setup wizard
  • Fixed validation on 'Delay Time' in Group Extension Properties to prevent the acceptance of character (non-numeric) data for this numeric data field
  • Fixed Help on Call History, which wasn't displaying incorrect information
  • Uploaded 2009-05-09

Version 2.02

  • Added check boxes to Extensions page to allow multiple extension edit or deletion. Also provides "select all" functionality liAdded a second Ring On Extensions method to group properties: 'Ring in circular fashion - Round Robin'
  • Added internal integration of Carousel FXO adapter, which automatically detects CAHTA (Synway) and CallURL telephony devices and configures default settings
  • Added Carousel configuration pages to External Lines page (only available when devices are detected and Carousel is enabled)
  • Added 'Quick Start Up Steps' page to web control panel
  • Changed 'Add Rule' to allow addition of extensions that cannot use the dialing rules
  • Changed dialing rules to permit exclusion of particular extensions
  • Changed web session expiration time, which was too short (about 2-3 minutes)
  • Fixed incorrect purchase link in web control
  • Fixed 'Open Firewall' button, which was doing nothing on Vista
  • Fixed 'Save Settings Backup' in Options-> General, which was creating zero length files
  • Fixed problem with 'Restore Settings Backup' for regular user
  • Fixed issues with Options -> Web Access
  • Fixed inoperative 'Enable' checkbox in Options -> Line Bridging
  • Fixed Alt+A shortcut for Options -> Line Bridging
  • Fixed validation on various user inputs to prevent the acceptance of character (non-numeric) data for numeric data fields
  • Fixed typographical errors in web control panel
  • Uploaded 2009-02-09

Version 2.01

  • Added Call Pickup; allows pick-up of ringing phone from any other extension
  • Added Call Park; allows parking a call - something like on hold, and then the call can be picked up from any other phone
  • Added Call/System Status window/tab on the weblet. Keeps track of real time conversations - has both parties and duration of the calls
  • Added call pickup authentication request (previously an extension was not required to authenticate for call pick up)
  • Fixed external line naming bug
  • Fixed "Forgot your password?" bug
  • Logs can now be viewed in a GUI window from the View Call History menu item. (This is an alternative to opening .csv logs from the hard drive with Excel)
  • Uploaded 2008-10-14

Version 2.00

  • Axon now includes a Plus (paid) edition
  • The Basic free edition does not expire, limits the number of extensions to a maximum of 10, and external lines to a maximum of 3
  • The Basic edition can be upgraded to the Plus edition with a valid licence
  • The Plus edition has no limits, but will expire after 14 days and not run any more unless it is licensed and registered
  • Uploaded 2008-03-27

Version 1.31

  • Fixed crash issue with RTP relaying (may have also caused a corruption of the audio/video being relayed)
  • Fixed problem of VRS recorder always downloading - even if already installed - whenever recording was enabled in the web control panel
  • Uploaded 2008-02-15

Version 1.30

  • Added video support (you can now use Axon with video Express Talk and other video phones)
  • Fixed minor issues with Axon SDP mediation
  • Uploaded 2008-01-03

Version 1.20

  • Added Force Relay option
  • Added Relay Not Required option
  • Added the ability to save the settings
  • Added emergency dial mapping
  • Added reverse dial digits
  • Added a 2 minute (ringing) 2 hour (hold) time out
  • Added auto delete logs
  • Added Message Waiting subscribe code
  • Allow multiple redundant VRS servers
  • Automatically download and install VRS if set to use but cannot find
  • Default "Link to IMS On-Hold Player" when creating new group
  • Fixed sorting lists
  • Fixed the 'Use Voice Mail' and 'Transfer Call' options for extensions
  • Improved pages layout when printed out
  • Web panel interface improved (tables, login page, extension setup details page, recorder settings page)
  • Uploaded 2007-04-10
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