BroadWave Tutorial

BroadWave Streaming Audio Server runs on any PC as a server to stream live audio over the internet. To help you set up your audio stream we have put together the following video tutorial to introduce some of the basics. You can also read more about all of the features in the BroadWave manual, which you can access from within the application.

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BroadWave Introduction

This video includes instructions for configuring your router and firewalls for internet audio streaming with BroadWave, how to add recorded files to a playlist, add live audio streams, and linking BroadWave to your website to go live with your audio streams and recordings.

Router Configuration

Is BroadWave telling you that router configuration is required? View our series of tutorials explaining what this means and how to port forward to allow connections to your computer for streaming:

Making your Computer Accessible from the Public Internet

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BroadWave Streaming Audio software is perfect for broadcasting online radio shows or podcasts, airing live concerts and events, or streaming company announcements.

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