Manual Invoice

Remittance Advice for HINV/SINV Manual Invoices and FAQ Information

Q. Why did I receive an invoice and no discounts are applied?
A. If you have chosen "Pay By Invoice" on one of our purchase pages then please note that no discounts apply to these offline transactions as noted clearly on the purchase page. If you wish to cancel your invoice please see here.

Q. Has my credit card be charged the amount shown on my invoice (beginning with HINV or SINV)?
A. No, your credit card has not been charged. Even if you filled in the credit card information on the form it was discarded by our system as soon as you chose to "Pay By Invoice" and clicked the Purchase button.

Q. I have paid the amount shown on my invoice (beginning with HINV or SINV)?
A. Please submit your remittance advice here:

 Email Address:
 Company Name:
 Contact Name:
 SINV/HINV Number:
  * Mandatory
 Amount Transferred:
  * Mandatory
 Date Transferred:
  * Mandatory
 Software Order Detail:
If you have ordered software please enter the name the software is to be registered to (Company Name or Person) and the Location (State Zip Country).

Changing or Cancelling Invoices and Orders

If you want to change or cancel an invoice or order generated on our online software purchase form, please see here.