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Steps for Obtaining Technical Support

If you cannot find your program in the list on our Software Support and FAQ's page, we recommend you try the following, in order:
  1. Read the help manual provided with the software package. See Help -> Help Contents from your software's menu.
  2. If the manual does not solve your problem, we then suggest you purchase a support ticket to contact our support department with your problem.
  3. If you are not willing to pay for support, post your problem on the Discussion Forum and someone might reply to your post.

See also:

Contact Form for Paid Support Only

This form is for customers who require software not listed on our Software Support and FAQ's page and have purchased a support ticket.

Unfortunately we cannot address any support questions that come through this form unless you have paid for support.

Your Email Address:
Software Name and Version Number:
See Help -> About
Windows Version:
eg. Windows XP
Support Question:
Include a clear description of the problem including what you do for the problem to arise and the steps you have already taken to attempt to resolve the problem.
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